Meow Wolf Investigation!

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 3.06.47 PM.png

Hi everyone,

Wizzle Oates here and maybe you have seen the above advertisement for “Meow Wolf” on your Facebook feed? Well, I got to do some quick investigative research before leaving Santa Fe and I am here to report on my findings. I will admit I am still a little mystified and in the dark about what all this is about. TibetanNewAge.jpg

I really liked the art work inside and I loved the concepts! I think the art collective should also moonlight as interior decorators. I would love for some of the rooms in my house to have a “Fraggle Rock Tree” in the middle of it with a glowing, synthesizer, mushroom keyboard in my living room with a new age, tibetan, chandelier hanging up above; I mean “Why Not?”(Creating jobs creatively, my ideas will get this economy back on track, you don’t need a corrupt politician for that). When you first walk in you are greeted by this video. Which I think explains the rules for the place but my logic at the time was, “Aint Nobody Got Time For That!” so this video was cut short:

After the above video you enter a room which looks like an old Victorian house that was stolen off a creepy movie set:OldVictorian.jpg

The fun begins when you enter the old Victorian house. People are coming and going through a door in the fireplace. After a few minutes of watching people enter and exit through various entry ways I decided I would go through the refrigerator located in the kitchen. After passing through the refrigerator I entered a room that seems to be a spaceship holodeck.


Then after the Space Ship I entered a room that looked like a glowing trailer park. Passing through a trailer I ended up in a room with a tree. The tree had huge glowing mushrooms sticking out the side of it that could be played like a musical instrument:

This was great, but this is where my one complaint comes in! They seriously need someone cleaning the installation. Guess what, when you have a thousand snotty-nosed, little kids running in and out of the place; germs start collecting and the place turns into a fucking psychedelic cess pool! My hand was sticking to the mushrooms! But other than that it was really cool to witness. I am not sure, because I only went through it briefly, but there does seem to be a sort of mystery that needs to be solved. If one has the patience to view all the monitors in the place, you might figure out the mystery. I think I might return someday and partake in it with a little more detective work.Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 5.09.42 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 5.10.06 PM.png

Overall, It made for an interesting 45 minutes. I mean where else are you going to see phallic looking, see-though, pipe cleaner, monsters in an afternoon:Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 5.09.04 PM.png

What a great place to see a live band! Just please do me this one solid and give someone a job sanitizing the psychedelic tree synthesizer! You don’t want your patrons getting sick:



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