Sunday Song, etc. 9-18-16

Hi everyone! I hope your Sunday was great! I relaxed and watched the Dallas Cowboys win against the Washington Redskins this afternoon. Their backup rookie quarterback Dak Prescott looks great on the field! I hope he continues to thrive out there! I’m not looking forward to Monday but oh well. Have you heard Lady Gaga’s latest song called “Perfect Illusion?” It was released last week. If you’ve heard it what do you think? If you haven’t, I included it here. I’m in between liking and disliking it. It will probably grow on me within the next month or so. I had a great time at one of El Paso’s Oktoberfests on Saturday night. I didn’t take too many photos but I’ll include a review on Monday. I did quite a bit of drinking and eating though! Seriously, what else does anyone do at Oktoberfest besides those two things? How was your weekend? Did your NFL/college football team win this week? Have a great evening/morning, everyone. I’ll see you on Monday.

P.S. Thank you to those of you who follow me on Twitter. I’m currently at 1,400 followers. If you aren’t following me, my handle is @lma911. I also have a much smaller Facebook page. I hope you’ll find me on either social media site so we can connect some more! Feel free to share your social media info. in the comments section too. 


  1. Chile I ain’t got nothing on the sports thang but this is a nice song. I can’t say that I knew this one. Thanks for making the intro Lisa! Hope you’re doing well love!

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  2. I heard it last week, I’m in between like you. Because it’s her though, it’s interesting so I’m willing to give it some more listens.

    Yes, my team won yesterday, but it was anything but pretty. I don’t know what kind of team the Ravens are yet, but they are 2-0, which is good for something. Congrats on the Cowboys’ win and the Twitter followers.

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  3. It is interesting, I loved Lady Gaga’s songs when she came up with Poker Face, Americano, and all those. But the newer songs don’t do it for me anymore…. Glad you enjoyed the American Oktoberfest!

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