El Paso Oktoberfest


Hi everyone! I hope your Monday was good! I had a long Monday here! As promised, I’m giving you a local Oktoberfest review. El Paso’s German Pub and County Coliseum hosted one of four Oktoberfests in town. I had a great time tasting and drinking German beer, wine and fig vodka for the first time ever! OK I take that back…I drank German wine on several occasions. One of my all-time favorite wines is Reisling, a white wine. I especially like drinking it with Thanksgiving dinner. It goes down really well with turkey. The German Pub brought in Paulaner Beer from Munich. This beer is made for Munich’s Oktoberfest. Even though I drank the lighter Paulaner beer, it was extremely filling and strong. This beer isn’t for those who like sweeter ales and/or Bud Light. I also had a couple of snacks. Bratwurst on a bun and pretzels were a couple of snacks on the menu.

Fig Vodka- Photo from Wikipedia.

The highlight of the night was listening to The Alex Meixner Band. The Florida-based polka band performed lots of classic rock cover tunes. Some of the musicians/bands  the band covered included Guns N’ Roses, Bon Jovi, Ozzy Osbourne and German hard rock/heavy metal band, Rammstein.  You might not believe me but…they even performed a little bit of Bruno Mars! The band plays at several Oktoberfests worldwide. They’ve won a Grammy Award and appeared on “The Tonight Show.” It was also fun to watch the crowd dance to the music. I included a couple of performances I found on YouTube. I hope to attend Oktoberfest in Munich someday. What do you think of the Alex Meixner Band? I’ll be back with a Romantic Tuesday post. 


  1. That is so much better than this hot sticky heat that we have; it likes to stick on you and follow you everywhere.

    How are things? I’ve been wondering how you’ve been. You are in my thoughts 🙂

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  2. There is one in the next town along called Tomball. It used to be a small, cozy place with a Lutheran school but it has been engulfed by Houston. Most of the German towns start from there going west and north – Boerne, Gruene, Fredericksburg and endless others.

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  3. The people who own the pub (the ones who hosted the event) are from Germany. There’s a few German people in El Paso. There used to be more at our army and air force bases here. That’s how I met one of my good friends. Her husband was in the German army and he was stationed here. They went back to Germany a few years ago.


  4. If that was hosted by Germans you might really have had a real Oktoberfest experience. Of course, I course I know all the food and drinks you mentioned. The drinks more by name…lol! I am glad you enjoyed it!

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  5. This is all so interesting! I didn’t know that Riesling was a German wine, I guess it certainly sounds like it! Thanks for sharing this fun event. I can’t wait to see your Romantic Tuesday post 🙂

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