#RomanticTuesday 9-20-16

Hi everyone! I hope your Tuesday went well! It’s been pretty hectic over here! From time to time I’ve wondered if breakup songs are considered romantic. I finally came to the conclusion some songs are romantic. Some reminisce the good times in a relationship while others don’t. I had a hard time picking a song for today but I finally decided on Gwen Stefani’s “4 a.m.” from 2007. I’ve always liked this song and album it was released on (“The Sweet Escape”). I enjoy the piano and Gwen’s voice. At one point this was a song I’d repeat over and over for hours! Do you think breakup songs are romantic? Why or why not? Have a great night/Wednesday morning, everyone! I’ll be back on Friday with more music.


25 thoughts on “#RomanticTuesday 9-20-16

  1. All of the great romances involve some form of tragedy. Breaking up certainly qualifies as tragic. Any song that strikes that chord in a person would have to be considered romantic, even if , and especially if, it is tragic…

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  2. Yeah, I had it coming with her. I was trying to break up with her wayyy before that, and she wouldnt let me. Then when she did it, I didnt care initially. lol

    Ill try the spanish songs, if I date again.lol

    Yes, theres a lot. I played “When a woman’s fed up” by R.kelly a lot too.

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  3. Glad you liked the topic, Vinny 🙂 It’s a hard thing to go through in life sometimes. Yikes, a month for you huh? I’d usually play songs in Spanish after exes. I can’t think of any besides this one and Dru Hill right now. There’s so many out there! Lol.

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  4. This was a fresh topic. No sarcasm intended.lol. I consider break-up songs romantic, because someone is showing how much that person meant to them, through song.. thats A Lot of caring.lol

    One of my favorites is ” In My Bed” by Dru Hill.

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  5. Ahh, love that album. I think breakup songs are romantic- usually they are laced with a desire to get back with the other person, and I say that’s romantic, right?! Thanks for sharing as always!!

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