Friday Song 9-23-16

Hi everyone happy Friday! We finally made it! During my college years, many were dancing and bobbing their head to this one! Yours truly (who typically doesn’t dance until she has a few beers in her) was doing it too! Alright I’ll admit it, I’m still bumping this one in the car in 2016! Today I’m taking you back to 2003, a.k.a. my junior year of college. Guess who’s performing and partying at a couple of clubs in El Paso tonight? Yeah, you guessed right! The tickets are already sold out for 50 Cent’s performance and after party! He’s also hitting up a local liquor store called Spec’s to promote Effen Cucumber Vodka before his show and after party. I’m sure I could find some tickets if I looked really hard for them online. Unfortunately bills have to get paid :/  I hope I can stop at Spec’s. I’ll let you know if I see him. Have a great Friday and weekend, everyone! I’ll be back with music and other posts. 


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