Monday Song 10-3-16

Hi everyone! I hope your Monday was awesome! It was OK considering it’s Monday. πŸ™‚ For some reason, I’ve been in the mood to listen to 80’s music today so…I’m taking you WAY back to 1981 (35 years ago!) with Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight.” Like many others, my favorite part of the entire song is the drum solo. Wikipedia describes the drum solo as “the sleekest, most melodramatic drum break in history.” I enjoy the whole song but the drum solo is the BEST part!

“In the Air Tonight” was an international hit. Wikipedia says the song climbed to the number two spot in the U.K. It was number one in the Netherlands and 19 in the U.S. Phil Collins wrote the song out of anger due to his divorce from his first wife, Andrea. “In the Air Tonight” has appeared in various movies, advertisement campaigns and TV shows. The movie and TV show that come to mind for me is “The Hangover” and “Miami Vice.” The song’s also appeared on the movie “Risky Business”, advertising campaigns by Michelob (one of my favorite beers by the way!), the U.K.’s Cadbury chocolate, a Grand Theft Auto video game, etc. This song will always be a classic! Have a great rest of the night/morning, everyone! I’ll be back Tuesday with a post or two.


  1. I know,its crazy. His mom was so brilliant, and charismatic. I wrote about her on my blog.

    I dont miss biggie, because I never connected with him on a personal level, and I dont like how he treated pac..

    But his death was tragic/unnecessary and i do miss his talent. Dude was raw on the mic.

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  2. That’s awesome! I can’t believe it’s already been 20 years since he passed. I was sad when his mom passed too. I miss Biggie too. I know I know they were pretty much enemies even though they were friends first.

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  3. Yes! Tupac slaughtered that song. I play it everytime I have a major decision to make, or if I feel “abandoned”.

    Yes! His death is still one of the saddest events in my life. His mom passed before mothers day this year. That was hard for me.

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  4. True but they don’t all taste the same. Yes, I’ve had pumpkin beer before! It actually wasn’t too bad. Are you one of those pumpkin spice peeps?? Lol. My favorite beer right now is this pineapple one. It’s soooo refreshing and sweet. I think it’s from Austin. It’s called Ace.

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  5. Lol. Oh duh you said myself included on a comment and I ask are you one of those people? I haven’t had caffeine and it’s 6 a.m. here. Key words…as far as you know! So it might be out there somewhere! Lol.

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  6. I’ve seen more instances of “air drumming” (myself included) whenever that drum break comes on than I can count. Great pick, Lisa!

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  7. Uhm…. I remember when that album was released….. lol!!! One of the best songs in music history! And the greatest about it for me personally: I saw him performing it live!

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