Friday Song, etc. 10-14-16

Hi everyone and HAPPY FRIDAY! This week was long and tiring here! I hope you had a great week and Friday! This weekend I plan on spending lots of time with my son. He has to do a science fair project by next week! I’m not looking forward to it but we’ll be working on it this weekend. His science teacher asked us to propose a project idea. He rejected it a couple of weeks back! We’re thinking of doing one with Lego (did you know Legos isn’t an actual word?). Does anyone have any science fair project ideas? If you do, please feel free to leave them in the comments section, Lego-themed or not. I’ve been looking at lots of project ideas online lately.

Today I’m taking you back to 2007 with Jay-Z’s “I Know.” “I Know” also includes R&B/pop star Pharrell Williams (I miss seeing him on “The Voice”). The song appeared on Jay-Z’s 10th album, “American Gangster.” This is one of my all-time favorite Jay-Z albums. According to Wikipedia,”I Know” was leaked on the Internet on Yahoo! Music almost one month before its debut in January 2008. The song peaked at number 11 on the Billboard Hot Tracks List.

Wikipedia also says Denzel Washington asked “American Gangster” producer Brian Grazer to allow Jay-Z to write the movie’s score. Grazer didn’t think “there would be enough for Jay-Z to do.” He instead stuck with music from the 60’s and 70’s, the actual time frame of the movie’s plot. However, the film’s trailer included Jay-Z’s “Heart of the City (Ain’t No Love).” Jay-Z was inspired by the movie in order to lure in a younger audience to the box office. Several tracks on his album include scenes from the movie. In my opinion, the album is so much better than the movie. I saw the movie once and expected it to be a lot better than the hype.     


  1. According to the Oxford Dictionary and Lego, it’s not a word. They’d rather you say pieces of Lego. Lol. I promise I’m not making this up.


  2. I don’t think she’s that talented. He’s a very good entrepreneur. Not only does he rap, he’s owned a nightclub, fashion label, basketball team, etc. Unfortunately a lot of them cheat.

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  3. I wish I liked Jay Z. I really do. I guess I should admire him for his success, but I’m not sure his talent is the reason for his success (unlike his wife, who is very talented). Then we learn that he cheated on B. Now the media is reporting that they’re going to have another baby. I give the relationship two years.

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  4. Legos is a word if you decide it is a word. It is not a made up word….or at least by you because Lego is a word recognized by the consumer world. Perhaps it should be spelled Legoes but nevertheless; Legos is a word due to the usage….like on TV. Use it enough and it becomes a word. I use to fight it but now I just hate it. ~~dru~~

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