#RomanticTuesday 10-18-16

Hi everyone! I hope your Tuesday was great! For today’s Romantic Tuesday post, I decided to go with pop and R&B star Usher. Usher’s one of my favorite singers. I’ve liked several of his songs since the mid-90’s! He’s one artist I wouldn’t mind seeing live. I think “Here I Stand” is one of his most romantic albums. “Before I Met You”/”Here I Stand” was released in 2008. It was one of those albums I couldn’t stop listening to! The CD was constantly being playing in my brand new blue 2008 Honda Civic. Although 2008 wasn’t such a good year for me (especially in the love department), I’d constantly listen to the album. My son’s father and me ended our seven-year relationship that year. It was a difficult time but overall it was for the best. “Before I Met You” is about Usher changing his player/promiscuous lifestyle in order to fully commit to his lover. He also sings about the many positive ways his lover changes his life.


  1. I have it playing now, Lisa. Music sometimes comes around at just the time in our lives, doesn’t it? And no matter how much time passes, the relevance can come rushing back when you hear the first few notes.

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