2016 U.S. Presidential Election Memes, etc.

I’m usually not one who likes discussing politics but this election is an exception (kind of). The two main presidential candidates are a joke. I’m getting pretty tired of the ridiculous commercials and memes on social media. Some of them are actually funny but enough is enough already! Statues of the candidates have even been found naked in New York City! Check it out here. (If you dare, it’s pretty graphic). Early voting in Texas starts Monday (Oct. 24). I’m not really thrilled with either candidate but I plan on exercising my right anyway. Although It’s pretty depressing money bought a spot for Donald Trump! Fellow blogger and friend, Ryan Loera posted this video on Facebook a few day ago. I couldn’t stop laughing at it so I decided to post it here. Can people really be that stupid?? LOL. I’m counting the days down until this election is finally over! Here are a few memes I think are funny for the occasion.









Local store, So El Paso takes advantage of the election by selling this pinata.


  1. True change must first come from within. Our government was originally intended to be for the people by the people. Not for the elite by the elite. Positions of authority, such as president, give too much power to a single individual and/or small group of people. I believe it’s the duty of every citizen to become much more aware and self-educated about the inner workings of democracy. True democracy must have no affiliation with private investors and corporations.
    I know it might seem like asking a lot from the average person but if people can spend hours and hours a day watching mind numbing tv shows then they can certainly spend a couple hours a day educating themselves. I recently posted something that sums up my perspective nicely. I don’t want to ramble on. 🙂

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  2. So how do you think things will change? I agree with you on them being corrupt. They’re both bad but Trump is a monster compared to Hillary. He’s almost like another Hitler. Just the way he talks down to people is enough for me not to vote for him.

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  3. I’m exercising my right to not vote. It really doesn’t matter who wins because we’ll still have the same corrupt government. Granted, I know there’s no such thing as a perfect government but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna ignore corruption all together. General Washington was very much against having a two party political system and centralized government because he knew it would lead to corruption. He was and still is right.
    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results each time.

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  4. So, everyone’s tired of the election, huh? Boo hoo. Me? I think the whole thing is hilarious. And it will be even funnier if Trump somehow wins. Maybe the Republican party can withstand a Trump candidacy, but there’s no way it will survive a Trump presidency. Which means that in the future, there will need to be another major party in this country… And I think the aliens are interested in applying. E.T. for President! 😀

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  5. I think that the intention of all of the memes and negative info is to make us sick of our political process. However it does has it’s upside: I had no idea that Hillary Clinton was going to launch an invasion from space to secure the election. Now that takes imagination; albeit a tedious one. :0

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  6. Haha…. I think the world but most of all the US people need their humor to make it through the next two weeks. What starts annoying me is that most of all Trump gets so much attention all the time also from those who don’t want him. It is all promotion for him. I don’t want to give him one click anywhere not even on a parody.

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  7. Ooh no! It’s a pretty entertaining video. Lol. One Trump follower says the Clintons got AIDS from Magic Johnson and Obama isn’t from the U.S. I’m voting for Hillary because there isn’t anyone else.

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  8. The video says it’s blocked by Viacom on copyright grounds. I hate it when that happens. When I listen to the music videos on my blog, I’m always finding one that’s been blocked by YouTube for some reason or another.

    What if Trump wasn’t running? At least Hillary is qualified for the job. But who else is there to vote for? Maybe Michelle Obama will run next time. 🙂

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