Sunday Song 10-23-16

Hi everyone and happy Sunday! I hope you’re doing well! I’m in the mood to relax today so I wanted to share this song with you. The song and album were released back in 2008 by the London trance groups OceanLab and Above & Beyond. This song, “I Am What I Am” is on their album “Sirens of the Sea.” I discovered this song and album on Pandora Radio recently. I usually listen to Pandora Radio on my commute to work. A lot of songs that aren’t played on mainstream radio are played on Pandora. I immediately enjoyed OceanLab’s lead singer Justine Suissa’s voice. According to Wikipedia, she’s collaborated with popular DJ’s like Robbie Rivera and Armin van Buuren. She’s been called one of the electronic world’s most powerful vocalists and a mainstay in the trance world. Above & Beyond and Justine Suissa are currently on an acoustic world tour this year. The tour’s happening in England, the U.S., Canada and Australia. What do you think of this song? Her voice? Had you heard of these bands? Please feel to leave comments. Have a great rest of the day, everyone! I’ll see you soon!   


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