Monday Song 10-24-16

Hi everyone! I hope you had a good Monday! It was pretty busy here. I’m relieved me and my son FINALLY finished his science project this evening! Like I said before, I’m usually not one to discuss politics that much…however this year is an exception. I tried to go and vote during my lunch hour this afternoon but it didn’t happen. The line was halfway around the mall! I’ve never seen such a huge voter turnout, especially during early voting! I was VERY impressed! 

Today’s song isn’t really a song, it’s a speech. I didn’t really like the eight-minute speech the first time I heard it but it’s growing on me. I think Eminem is one of the best lyricists/rappers these days. His earlier stuff had a lot of meaning for me. Eminem discusses how much he dislikes Donald Trump, along with various current events. I didn’t like the speech at first until I listened to it about four times. If you listen to it, feel free to leave comments. Just a heads up, do NOT listen to it when the kids are around or at work (unless you have headphones). Have a goodnight/good morning everyone! I will be back with a Romantic Tuesday post. 


  1. It is interesting. Austria had the election for president in May. Two candidates were too close so another election was needed. The better one (in my opinion) won. But the other one (who is from the Right) appealed against the election procedure. So we have another election coming up in December between the two candidates. Since I am not living in Austria I did not vote anymore. But I signed in again in order to not let one of the Right Party be president of my country. So … similarities between our countries… lol


  2. Thanks for checking it out! 🙂 Rap hasn’t been that great in the last few years but I think Eminem is an exception. He’s working on a new album. I’m excited to listen to it whenever it’s out. I think he releases it next year.

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