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Hi everyone! I hope your day is going well! If you read my Romantic Tuesday post this week, I said it was a long and hard day. The reason I said that is because I was laid off from my job after six years. Gannett owns USA Today and about 100 other newspapers in the U.S. According to Forbes, Gannett plans on slashing 350 jobs by the end of the week, which is two percent of their workforce. In case you’re interested, you can check out the story here.

In a way, this layoff is sort of a blessing but it still hurts. I had a lot of mixed feelings when it happened two days ago. I felt like this guy here. I don’t really know what else I should say other than I’ve already started applying for other jobs. Sometimes I wonder if I should move to another state even though I don’t want to leave loved ones behind. A drastic move like that could also be really hard on my son. I decided to stay in El Paso. Besides, moving is really expensive. Going back to that day, I kept asking myself what did I do wrong? I wanted to keep blaming myself. I wanted to keep feeling sorry for myself, you know like on TV. I felt like that guy or girl who doesn’t want to get out of bed.

There’s really no sense in going back and trying to analyze it anymore. Thinking about the past isn’t going to change the present or future. There isn’t anything I can do besides move on with my life. At least I wasn’t fired or else I wouldn’t have gotten some benefits. I didn’t know if I should blog about it or not but I decided to do it. Maybe someone else is going through this too. It might help them feel like they aren’t alone. Maybe it will help remind him/her it wasn’t their fault. Companies unfortunately go through a lot of changes from time to time. The good news is that I’ll get to read and write more! I hope I get more freelance writing gigs in the near future. I also get to spend more time with my son and other family members. If you’re going through something similar just remember this too shall eventually pass. Don’t give up and keep thinking it was your fault because it wasn’t. I’ll more than likely be around more often than before. Take care everyone and I’ll see you soon! By the way, does anyone in El Paso want to hire me?? 😀


  1. Thank you for the kind words, Tikeetha! I have an interview tomorrow so we’ll see what happens. I hope all is well for you. I’m sure you’ve been pretty busy. It’s good to hear from you 🙂

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  2. OMG, it would be awesome if we got paid to blog! I’ve had a few bands actually ask me if I charged to write a review, but I could never do that. Most of those bands/artists are struggling themselves. I wish I could sell ads, but I don’t have anywhere near enough readers or followers so, to put it bluntly, my blog has little value except to me and the artists for which my reviews of their music get a lot of views. And yes, having one’s own business can be tough, but there are many rewards – no office politics or backstabbing, no boring, non-productive staff meetings, no worrying about being downsized, to name but a few. Good luck with your job search, and continued success with your awesome blog!

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  3. I see. It’s hard to find jobs here too unless it’s in the medical field or working at a call center. I’ve done the call center thing a few times. I don’t really want to do that anymore only as a last resort. Wouldn’t it be cool if we got paid to blog?? I do a little bit of freelance writing but it doesn’t pay a lot. Having your own business is always a good idea but it takes a lot of time and sacrifice.

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  4. Well, I’m much older than you, so was no longer very employable, especially here in the Coachella Valley where good-paying professional jobs are scarce. This valley, home of Palm Springs, is not a typical region, demographically. There are a lot of affluent whites – a significant percentage of whom are affluent retirees and/or gay – and a lot of Hispanics/Latinos who do most of the service-related jobs and keep the resort/seasonal economy going (hotel, resort, restaurant workers, landscapers, pool maintenance, housecleaning, low-paying healthcare jobs, etc.). My life partner had started his own housecleaning business while I worked at the hospital, and after I was fired I joined him in the business. I hate cleaning others’ houses (which is partly why I created my music blog to stay engaged in something creative), but we honestly make a decent living. As I stated, there are a lot of affluent older people here who are happy to pay others to clean their houses, maintain their pools & landscaping, etc.

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  5. Thank you so much for the kind words 🙂 I had already started applying for other jobs when I was still there. I was really hoping I’d find something else so I could just quit. I was very tired and stressed out. My manager didn’t like me either so I’m kind of not that surprised. Believe me, the feeling was very mutual. Lol. She wrote me up a couple of times too. My review she gave me was very bad too. She was always putting me down and I would speak my mind. She didn’t like that very much, especially when I complained about her to HR. She’s a horrible horrible woman. Anyway…lol. I’m still bummed out but it will pass. Did it take you a long time to find another job?? What do you do for work if you don’t mind me asking? It just really sucks when it’s a negative and hostile work environment.


  6. I’m applying for anything right now, even seasonal/retail. I set a goal to apply for at least one job a day. I’m going to start having to do it once I get unemployment next month.

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  7. So very sorry to hear you were laid off from your job, Lisa. I myself was fired from a very stressful, low-paying hospital job 3 1/2 years ago after I lost my temper at an insurance rep over the phone. It was a depressing and humiliating experience, but ended up being for the best, as I was probably going to have a nervous breakdown or heart attack had I stayed at that job. Two co-workers went out on stress leave while I worked there, so I know it wasn’t just me. But regardless of what ever reason someone loses a job against their free will, it’s always very difficult. I’m not going to say some platitude, other than that you will make it through this and eventually find something else.

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  8. It took my husband 6 months to find a job but he has an unusual profession. Hopefully it will be much quicker for and how lucky you have a sister in Houston, if you decide to do that. K x

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  9. Thanks Kerry 🙂 I remember when you blogged about it when it happened to your husband. He seems to be doing better already. I applied for a couple of jobs already so I guess we’ll see what happens. My mom said I should move to Houston because my sister lives over there. I don’t plan on leaving right now but it might be a possibility in a few months.

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  10. I am so sorry about the job, Lisa. As you know this happened to my husband this year. It is a shock at first, then you adapt and start applying for endless jobs. Try not to feel disheartened and think of this as a new opportunity. My linkedin profile tells me that there are 60,000 new jobs in Houston, so maybe that is a possibility? I will wish you all the luck in the world. Love Kerry xx

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  11. I’m so sorry!!! It makes sense why it was such a hard day 😦 You know the cheesy cliche… when one door shuts, another opens! I am excited to see where this journey takes you, and it is so good that you are looking on the bright side and realize it is not your fault. But truly- so sorry. Life likes curve balls, huh? Hope that you have an amazing weekend and find some peace and rest ❤

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