#RomanticTuesday 11-1-16

Hi everyone and happy November! Where has this year gone?? Today’s Romantic Tuesday song has been covered by several artists. The original was sang in 1977 by British funk and disco band Heat Wave. “Always and Forever” was written by British songwriter Rod Temperton. According to Wikipedia, Temperton wrote several other hit songs including the Disco-era song “Boogie Nights” and several Michael Jackson sang. Speaking of Michael Jackson, I featured “Thriller” on the blog just yesterday! In case you missed it, you can check it out here. “Thriller” was also written by Temperton.

Today I’m including a few covers (and of course the original) of “Always and Forever.” I discovered Kim Waters’ version of “Always and Forever” on YouTube today. I really enjoyed his and Diana Ross’ versions the most (besides the original of course). Luther Vandross’ version is great too! How about you, which one do you prefer? Is there a version I didn’t include that you like? Feel free to leave comments! The Heat Wave version includes the song’s lyrics. Have a great day everyone and I’ll be back soon!  


  1. It’s an incredible song for sure! To me, a good sign of that is that it can be covered by many other artists and those versions also sound great. I adored Luther Vandross, so he could do wrong with any song he sang. I love the original so much, but all the versions you included are amazing. Great post!

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  2. Oh my…… you touched a certain part of my heart, Lisa! This song was dedicated to me by someone very special. Thank you for posting this today and bringing a bright smile on my face!

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