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Hi everyone and Happy Friday! I want to say thank you to each and everyone of you for following my blog! I reached 1,000 WP followers on Thursday. Although I have almost 2,700 followers total (this also includes social media and e-mail followers), reaching 1K on WP is a pretty big deal for me. I started Life of an El Paso Woman in February 2015. I’ve had a lot of fun writing about whatever’s on my mind, sharing music and interacting with my readers. I’ve even had the pleasure of meeting some bloggers in person! You can expect more music, travel blog posts and lots more in the future! Believe me when I say there’s been times when I’ve wanted to erase my blog and quit. I enjoy blogging so I won’t be doing the q word anytime soon. I’m not too much of a quitter anyway. I might take a break here and there but I won’t quit. It’s also really exciting to have almost 50,000 hits on my blog! Thanks again for the support, everyone! Have some virtual cake (I really really wish it was real!)! Have a great weekend everyone and I will see you on Saturday or Sunday.

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  1. Congratulations Lisa. Today is my first day really interacting on Reader, i have no followers and no real idea what i am doing haha i have been to busy writing my blog all week, the day reach that i 1000 will be a good day 🙂

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