Three Day Quote Challenge Day 1

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great Saturday! I’ve been lying around most of the day. It’s been really cloudy and rainy these past few days here! It makes me not want to do anything all day! Fellow blogger and blogging friend/sister Erika Kind is currently participating in the Three Days, Three Quotes Challenge this weekend. She opened up the challenge to anyone who’s interested in participating. Since it’s been a few months since I last participated, I decided to do it! For the next three days I’m going to pick a different quote I like each day. Like Erika, I’m leaving this quote challenge open to anyone.

Photo from Google Search

I had the chance to watch the new “Dr. Strange” movie on Friday. I decided to pick a quote I like from him. I don’t remember this quote being said in the movie. I think it was either on his TV show and/or comic. The movie was pretty good so I recommend it but… I don’t think it’s really for kids. It makes a good date night movie or friends night out movie. The movie is action-packed throughout. It also has some funny parts here and there. I give the movie a 7 out of 10. If you had a chance to watch, let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Take care everyone! I’ll be back Sunday with another quote and some music! 



  1. Yea he was kind of weird. Lol. The movie is still pretty good but it kind of starts to drag a little towards the end. Other than that, it’s action-packed throughout.

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  2. Good quote! I might have read a Dr. Strange comic or two growing up, he wasn’t one of my favorites though. I might go see the movie now, we’ll see.

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  3. Very empowering and true! You never know how many chances you get to make a difference, so use each one that comes your way! That even inspired me for a quote. I love those movies which carry such encouraging messages!

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