Sunday Song 11-6-16

Hi everyone and happy Sunday! I hope your weekend is going well! Today I’m taking you back to 2009 with Nadia Ali’s “Not Thinking.” I discovered this song on Pandora Radio a few months ago. I enjoy the beat mixed in with her voice. I saw Nadia Ali perform back when she was with the band  iiO in 2001 or 2002. Unfortunately, the downtown El Paso nightclub where I saw her (Club 101) no longer exists. Me and my friends made a few memories at Club 101. I had the opportunity to interview Nadia Ali on one of the occasions she performed here (she’s performed in El Paso at least 2 or 3 times). Due to her busy schedule, I had to e-mail her manager the questions and she responded to them. In 2005, Nadia Ali went solo. According to her web site, she’s collaborated with several world famous DJs like Armin Van Buuren, Avicii, Afrojack and many others. Some of her hits have made it on the Billboard top 10 dance charts. What do you think of this song? Have you heard this song before? Have you heard any other songs by Nadia Ali? Feel free to leave comments. I’ll be back later on. I’ll be watching football and running errands. Have a good day, everyone! 


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