Hi everyone! After this painful election, I’ve been reading about #Calexit a lot. There’s even a very small #Texit (Texas) movement but…California’s exit seems to make more sense. California is much more liberal than Texas (unfortunately). Texas is a red state and California is blue. If you follow world news and/or live in Europe, you’re probably familiar with Brexit. On June 23, more than 30 million UK citizens voted to leave the European Union. According to BBC, Leave won 52 percent to 48 percent. The UK is expected to leave the EU by Summer 2019, maybe sooner.

There’s been talk of California doing the same thing, especially after the 2016 Presidential Election and protests throughout California and other states. The only downside to this move is…it wouldn’t take place until around 2020 or later, after Trump’s term in office (I don’t think he would get elected to a second term in office then again, I didn’t think he would win this election!) I think people were probably expecting #Calexit to happen a lot sooner? Maybe in the next few months? Anyway, it doesn’t seem like a bad idea because California has the sixth largest economy in the world. CNN says it’s more economically powerful than France and it has a population larger than Poland. According to Yes California, Californians will vote on whether or not they’ll leave the U.S. in 2019. I don’t really see #Texit happening but I can see #Calexit taking place because of their strong economy. I’m not saying Texas’ economy is bad but this is a red state. There’s too many conservatives here whereas in California, the people are more open-minded and liberal. If I could afford to move, I’d leave to San Francisco. I love Texas for many reasons but I just wish people were more open-minded here, especially when it comes to politics. Ha ha, that’s just a daydream in itself right there!      


  1. Everyone can be a part of Calexit. I don’t especially agree with secession but I do think that there is a concrete political platform that makes sense as a liberal response to the election of Trump.

    And let’s be clear that voter suppression was well coordinated this year and that the damage done by the FBI Director’s collusion with the effort to suppress the vote is not only under-reported
    but un investigated. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote which means that we once again have a ‘leader’ who doesn’t represent the will of the people and a corrupt GOP congress that holds our judiciary hostage.

    An opposition movement needs a strong platform — and that’s what I see at the Calexit site.

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  2. Hi there! Even though a lot didn’t vote, they voted more than in previous years. I love California too but it’s too expensive. Maybe someday I’ll move there but right now I have obligations in Texas. Thank you for your comment. I’ll check out your Cali blog post. 🙂

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  3. I think just the threat of Caliexit should be a wake up call to America/Americans. Almost half the country didn’t vote because of their disgust with both party candidates and the largest state with the largest economy overwhelmingly is proving to be a leader in forward thinking/embracing the future. We are living in global times and I moved from the south (a blue stay) but still too close minded for my liking to California and I love it, I love it even more after this election. Check out my post about moving to California and loving it http://phenomenalnia.com/2016/11/11/california-has-my-heart-californialove

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  4. At least you had some representatives to vote for – we only had republican choices in our area!!!! Surely BREXIT is an example of what not to do??? At least we will have plenty of work building the WALL. 😉 I am just worried that Mexico won’t let us in – eeeek!

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  5. Well thank you for taking the time to message me. It’s been awesome getting to know you a bit better and you seem like a really smart person. Hopefully you will check out more of my blog and comment every now or then if you find anything interesting. That sort of stuff is always greatly appreciated and welcomed. I will certainly do the same. Thanks again for chatting!

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  6. Yes, anywhere within 50 miles of the Pacific is ridiculously expensive because those areas are very desirable places to live. I’m in the Palm Springs area, 120 miles inland, where house prices aren’t what I call cheap, but you can get a nice house for half the price of what you’d pay in the L.A. area. But then, our summers are among the hottest on earth, occasionally exceeding 120 degrees.

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  7. Lol they’re exaggerating a bit. It was bad but not THAT bad. If you have Netflix, Narco Cultura is on there. It explains how Juarez was. It’s a very good documentary. It’s pretty graphic but informative.

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  8. California is beautiful but I wish it wasn’t SO expensive! I love San Francisco and even LA is nice too. My family lives in LA and they already want to come back to Texas because it’s expensive. You’re right it most likely wouldn’t happen. Sigh! Lol.

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  9. No I’m still scared to go over there. It’s gotten better in recent years but I don’t want to risk it. It’s been 13 years since I’ve gone. I live near Juarez and it was real bad with the drug wars. Some of my family and friends go, especially to the dentist and doctor because it’s a lot less expensive.

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  10. Well that’s pretty packed! Do you get to cross the boarder much? As an outsider, Mexico is painted as somewhat of a dichotomy. On one hand, there are beautiful parts filled with tourists and then there is the rest which is painted as this gangland style ghetto. I can’t imagine that is true.

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  11. I’m from California, and I would vote to leave the U.S. and make California an independent country in a heartbeat. It’ll never happen, but California (along with Western Washington and the Northwester corner of Oregon) is one of the most progressive and liberal areas in the U.S. and thus out of step with much of the rest of the country, which seems to be turning increasingly conservative. Of course, there are regions in California, especially the rural northeastern corner of the state, that have more in common with Idaho or Wyoming.

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  12. I find London to be overrated but then again, I am not a big city boy. I value the quiet and the seclusion to consolidate my thoughts. Otherwise they just get all jumbled up. Are you a City girl or country mouse? PS, thanks for liking my post. It was a bit of a rant but I thought it was appropriate 🙂

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  13. Ha yeah, you know that’s the thing about being in the UK. Nobody cares for my accent! What I loved about Texans was how comfortable they were in their own skin. British guys and girls are far more concerned with themselves.

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  14. Oh it’s my pleasure. I visited Austin a few years ago and fell in love with the place. It did help that a few of your fellow Texans were very cute and called my Hun / cutie. I think it was my English accent but hey, I’m not complaining. It made my year.

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  15. Honestly, Calexit shouldn’t happen. The American people need to stick together. Some might be conservatives, or democrats, or Trump supporters, or liberals or whatever, but you’re all Americans. Stay together!

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