Anti-Trump Protests

Photo by Cynthia A. Ronquillo

Hi everyone. The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election is still being discussed everywhere we turn here in the U.S. and in various other countries. I’m constantly seeing it on social media, TV and news websites. 

Several U.S. and European cities continue to protest and riot since Donald Trump became the president-elect this past Wednesday. A few University of Texas-El Paso (UTEP) students organized a peaceful protest throughout downtown El Paso on Friday night. Some of the protesters allowed me to share their photos here.

Protesters hold Mexico, U.S. Flags at  El Paso protest. Photo by José Montoya.

A peaceful non-political protest also took place Saturday morning at Lincoln Park in central El Paso. There’s supposed to be a peaceful anti-Trump protest in Las Cruces, New Mexico on Monday evening. Recently, there’s been talk of voters targeting the Electoral College. Voters want the Electoral College to change their votes in favor of  Hillary Clinton come Dec. 19, according to Fox News. Fox News says Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 60.47 million and Trump won by 60 million. A petition created by North Carolina resident Elijah Berg asks for 4.5 million signatures from the public. As of this evening, the petition needs a little over 247,000 signatures in order for it to be completed and submitted to the Electoral College. You can check out/sign the petition here.

The Million Women March is currently being organized for Sat. Jan. 21,2017 in Washington, DC. The New York Times says the demonstration aims to bring one million women and those who support women’s rights together. The march is also being held to protest Trump’s presidential inauguration. It will begin at the Lincoln Memorial and end at the White House. A Facebook page was created with details about the march. Some states have even created their own individual pages. Other protests in various states will also be held for those who can’t attend the DC march. For example, one will be held at the Texas Capitol in Austin on Jan 21. Another one will be held in New York. 

Photo by Jessica Ann Jimenez
Photo by Jessica Ann Jimenez
Photo by Jessica Ann Jimenez


  1. I’m still feeling so heartbroken and hopeless over the election results. I signed the petition, yet it feels fruitless. After all that he said and did, he was still elected. She won the popular vote, yes, but by a relatively small margin. I feel like I don’t recognize my country anymore, to be honest.

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  2. I think a lot of voters got turned off towards Election Day because of the whole FBI thing. It could be very possible Trump paid him off. Either voters decided not to vote anymore or voted for Trump. What upsets me now is that Trump is already flip flopping on what he said. I take it you’ve already accepted his presidency. Lol.

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  3. Lisa, we do have the right to protest, but I hope that people protesting actually voted. This election was not lost because of Trump mania, it was lost because of lack of turnout for Clinton. Trump actually got over a million less votes than Romney. That is not a ringing endorsement. Clinton got over 6 million less than Obama and that is the rub.

    She is competent, experienced and ready. She was just liked less and, right or wrong, people were convinced she was less trustworthy. So, my question to the protestors is did you vote? This imperfect woman actually had plans to help those people that Trump appealed to and she worked with Sanders to build a platform. Trump’s plan was trust me, I am a great business man, when in fact he is one of the least trustworthy candidates we have ever had and has a spotty business record.

    So, this is how it works. We can protest and advocate for issues important to us. But, the key is we have to vote. This is how Brexit happened as well – the young adults who wanted to remain in the EU did not vote in large enough numbers.

    This President Elect is the one we got. I have low expectations and am greatly concerned about retrenching as a country on climate change actions. So, we need to focus on the areas of concern and less on the person. He is a man of little conviction and is a chameleon per his five biographers, so he can be swayed. And, like it or not, he will become President in January.


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  4. It’s our first amendment right in the U.S. to protest. People wouldn’t be protesting if they were happy with the chosen candidate. They also protested when Obama became president but not like this.

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  5. I saw that comment too! I’m in a red state. Lol. I think some people want the Electoral College to be removed. Voters want the Electoral College to change their votes for Hillary.

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  6. it would take a constitutional amendment to have the Electoral College removed from the process. that means both houses would have to approve along with 3/4ths of the states. good luck with that with a Repub House and Senate. the best comment I saw all weekend went something like …

    “Go to school and become a teacher and then move to a Red state so you can teach kids about racism, sexism and evolution.”

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  7. I find peaceful protests a great way to get a groups voice heard. However, it is funny to see that for some people democracy only works when they get the candidate or outcome they want.
    If they don’t – they protest and complain. #Brexit #Trump

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  8. It’s futile, signing a petition to change the result will fall on deaf ears. We can collectively petition our congressmen to revoke EC during the next election. Sadly, this election is a done deal.

    For more insight and understanding, watch Lada’s post-election video… it’s a breath of
    fresh air, just brilliant analysis:

    Trump is our Prez… God help us all.

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  9. I doubt it. He probably thinks he’s set and nothing will really happen anymore in regards to another candidate being the president. I’m sure he has millions of enemies. Lol.

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  10. Seems like Trump is the kind of person who would print out the list of names on the petition, hoping for revenge at some point in the future. He’s probably got one of his staffers combing through the names right now to find political enemies.

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  11. I hope so too. As a matter of fact, any candidate from Democrats will work. Of course, if that candidate is Hilary, that even better. But I am afraid, Trump has already started building his team around dangerous people who will help him to destroy America. Honestly, it`s one of those days when I prefer not to get close to United States. It`s safer not to…

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  12. I have contributed already. But not sure if that petition will help. Electoral College voting is just formality. But I really hope someone will kick him out of the office before he starts ruining the country and the whole world.

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