Visiting Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

The miraculous tub and mineral water in our room.
A bathing room at Blackstone Hotsprings. Photo from & Facebook. We’ll have to try this one next time!

Hi everyone! I’m back from our little getaway! Me and my boyfriend were thinking of staying two nights in Truth of Consequences, New Mexico but we decided to come back after one. We had a really nice time visiting and relaxing. T or C is almost two hours away from El Paso. Since life has been kind of hard for us lately, we decided to escape from reality for a little while. We stayed in The Studio suite at Blackstone Hotsprings in the historic downtown hotspring district. Blackstone is surrounded by several other bath houses and hotels. Our room was really comfortable and cozy. The best thing about it was the miraculous bathtub and mineral water flowing from it. Although the bathtub was restored, it’s been around since the 1930’s. You can check out more pics from the suite we stayed in here. If guests don’t want to spend the night, they can walk in and bathe in the other indoor or outdoor bath rooms. Each bath is $20-25 for 50 minutes. The bath includes drinking water and towels. Blackstone also offers robes and snacks for sale. Each of Blackstone’s suites are named after TV shows like “The Golden Girls”, “As the World Turns”, “The Jetsons” and others.   

We didn’t think anything would happen after taking a mineral bath but…it was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced in life so far! We immediately felt relaxed and rejuvenated after bathing in the mineral water. My skin felt cool and refreshed. I  enjoyed using the Trader Joe’s mint shampoo and body wash that was provided. My skin felt tingly after I used the body wash. Wikipedia says the first bath was built at John Cross Ranch over Geronimo Springs in the late 1800’s.

Photo from

Although T or C is an artsy town with several art galleries, we didn’t visit any this time around. We ate fast food at A & B Drive In on Tuesday night. The food wasn’t bad. I had a hamburger with fries and my boyfriend had chicken wings. He enjoyed his horchata icee. Horchata is rice water mixed with sugar and cinnamon. We really enjoyed our breakfast at Passion Pie Cafe this morning. I enjoyed my black/peach iced tea with a mini pecan pie and a waffle. The food portions were pretty big for one person so we shared the food. Another thing I need to point out about T or C is the people. The people are super friendly everywhere you go. They smile a lot and say “hello, how are you?” One lady even came up to me and said she liked my haircut! She asked me where I went in town to get it done and I told her I was from El Paso. 😀 T or C has a population of a little over 6,000.  

Mini pecan pies at Passion Pie Cafe. Photo from
Photo from Google Search

Are you wondering why the New Mexican town is named Truth or Consequences? According to New Mexico Magazine, the town used to be named Hot Springs before its name was changed in 1950. The city is named after a popular radio quiz game show  from back then called Truth or Consequences. Wikipedia says the game show’s host, Ralph Edwards visited T or C’s Fiesta for 50 years after the name was changed. Fiesta is held during the first week of May. It includes a beauty contest, parade and show. Since the baths I took are unforgettable, I’m already planning my next trip to T or C! 🙂


  1. T or C is probably my 4th favorite city. A hidden gem and a nice place to relax and make up your own fun. Chillin in the hot springs with a drink on one hand and arm around a nice lady is the best. Just make sure to drink lots of water, or you’ll dehydrate.

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