Whole Foods Market

The second floor. We ate lunch and observed people.

Hi everyone! I finally had the chance to visit the new Whole Foods Market on Tuesday and Wednesday. Even though Whole Foods has been around for years in other cities, it’s been open in El Paso for about a month now. I’m not much of a health food junkie but I was impressed with the food and merchandise Whole Foods offers. I really like that the market promotes local businesses by selling their locally grown fruits and vegetables. They also sell local merchandise like t-shirts, baby items, etc. The store is SO huge, I feel like I have to go back pretty soon. I feel like I haven’t looked around the store enough. I want to go back and try some of their craft beer and taste more of their food. I also want to buy some iced tea and more fruit. I was tempted to buy some of their sleepy and energy chocolate bars. Although the food’s pricey, (it’s mostly organic and GMO free) me and my boyfriend bought watermelon and fruit salad the first day we went.

My lunch…the red stuff (Indian food) was VERY tasty.

He also bought a slice of pizza both days, which tasted great! The thin-crust slice of pizza costs about $3 a slice. The first day we went, we walked around and I saw a few salad bar stands. I wanted to taste the salad bar food so we went back the next day to eat lunch. I ate a little bit of Indian food (naan and chicken curry) a Caesar salad and fettuccine salad (noodles). The curry and fettuccine salad was my favorite. The salad bar costs $8.99/pound. Whole Foods offers all kinds of hot meals like soups, Mexican cuisine, brunch and lots of salad. The fruit we had was $4 a bowl. The food didn’t fill me up or leave me hungry. I felt just right after eating there. I could get used to eating at Whole Foods (at least once in awhile since it’s kind of pricey)! I’m proud of myself for trying something new 🙂 I might have a part 2 of my third visit. Is there a Whole Foods in your area? If there is, what do you think of it? What do you like/dislike about it?

A pic my boyfriend took of his lunch and our view on the second floor.


  1. We recently just went to the whole foods by our place too!!!! Sooo good and so much to choose from. I love Indian food , so I’ll have to keep in mind that they have that next time I go!

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  2. I’ve been to Whole Foods. They’ve got some great stuff, but I can’t afford it. I’ll probably have to shop at Walmart until I die. Thanks, Obama. Next year, it’ll be, thanks, Trump. 🙂

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