Saturday Song SPM 11-19-16

Hi everyone. I discovered Houston rapper Carlos Coy’s music in the early 2000’s. His rap style is real, raw and to the point. Coy, a.k.a. South Park Mexican (or SPM) recorded his 11th album, “The Son of Norma” in prison. It was released in 2014 by his own record label, Dope House Records. A chopped and screwed version of “SON” was also mixed by DJ Rapid Ric. SPM is currently working on another album called “Visionary.” I’ve read and watched some of SPM’s interviews on YouTube and blogs. He told a Houston news outlet he and his cell mates created a soundproof recording studio by covering their area with several plastic garbage bags. You can check out one of the interviews here. I prefer the chopped and screwed version more than the regular album. Chopped and screwed means the music’s tempo is slowed down. Wikipedia says it may also include techniques like skipping beats and record scratching. Houston’s Robert Earl Davis Jr. a.k.a. DJ Screw created the chopped and screwed genre. DJ Screw passed away in 2000 at age 29. He was found dead inside his Houston recording studio. He died of a drug overdose. DJ Screw appeared in SPM’s 1998 album, “Power Moves.” I included two versions of SPM’s “People” from “The Son of Norma.”


  1. Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear about your better half not feeling well. Ugh pinched nerves are no bueno. I remember when it would bother me in my neck after my car accident. Thank God I feel better from it after months of physical therapy and the steroid shot. I think the shot helped the most. I hope your tests come out fine next week. Maybe a heating pad and bath will help him a little. I would use a heating pad on my neck and it gave me some relief. They also gave me this stuff called Biofreeze and it also helped.


  2. You got it gurl…It is “You know my name” lol.. I remember that one lol..
    Aww glad to hear that gurl..
    I am trying to hang in there…but a lil bummed out feeling and of course overwhelmed still getting some test done I believe next week… but just in a lil funk that hits me every so often ..prob just stressed that my better half hurt his back just turning around and he has been down for a couple of days so worried about him…when he gets down and out it takes it’s toll on dad and I since he is the one that really helps us out lol…but most of all to see him in pain like this…I have never ever seen him hurt this fact he is back in bed laying flat I think he feel back to sleep and I hope that helps him..yup just heard him snore lol…he has been taking aspirin and I tried rubbing his lower lumbar area on the side that hurts so I hope he is better in a few days or sooner…
    Other than that I have a pinched nerve that makes my left pointer finger all numb lol and I have tried everything so I am going to go to the bone crusher next week and see if he can help me out since the socket is cramping hard and I need feeling back in my finger lol…other than that imma hanging gurl …I appreciate you asking me..

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  3. Oh I remember SPM …can’t remember the name of the song that I used to listen to many years ago lol…anyways like them…
    great to see you again are you doing this Saturday???

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