Sunday Song 11-27-16

Hi everyone! I hope your Sunday went well! I spent part of my Sunday reading other blogs. I was inspired by Tangled Up in Music’s recent post about Amy Winehouse.  Tangled Up did a great post about her and her “Back to Black” album, which was released 10 years ago this year. July 23 marked five years since Amy passed away. You can check out Tangled Up’s post here. On more than one occasion, fellow blogger, friend and blogging sister Erika Kind has also featured Amy Winehouse in her blog. Here’s one of her posts here. My blogging buddy Johnna from All Things Chronic also did a great post about Amy Winehouse’s documentary, “Amy.” You can check it out here.   

Before reading these posts, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to listen to. After reading them, I spent a good portion of my afternoon listening to Amy’s music and interviews online. I even read up about her troubled and drama-filled life on various news web sites and blogs. I didn’t know too much about her music until I heard “Rehab” in 2006. To be honest I thought the song was annoying, especially when it was first released. It took years for it to finally grow on me. I’m glad I decided to listen to other songs by her this afternoon. I preferred the majority of them over “Rehab.” Today I’m taking you back to 2003 with “In My Bed.” The single was released on her first album, “Frank.” “Frank” was successful in the U.K. Her second album, “Back to Black” won five Grammy awards. Amy Winehouse was the first woman from England to win the American awards. What do you think of this song? Do you have a favorite Amy Winehouse song or two? It’s unfortunate we lost a talented singer and songwriter at such a young age. Have a goodnight/good morning, everyone. Take care and I’ll see you in the next day or two.  


  1. Hey Lisa gurl!!!… ☻
    yes, you are so right..that is all we can do….
    Ok I will try to look it up I thought movies on youtube were free??? I guess not if you paid for it… but heck that’s not a bad price at all…aw yup to many are in that club..sad…
    How are you doing on this Thursday evening ??? any plans for this weekend???…

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  2. Hi Sue! I feel you on the hanging in there part. Lol. I guess that’s all we can do at times. Yes, “Amy” is on YouTube and it’s $3.99. Getting the movie was well worth it. Oh yea I know about the 27 club. Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix and others are in it. Hugs! 💖

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  3. Hey Lisa gurl!!!…
    Well I am hanging in there it has been rough but still hanging lol…thank you for asking : )
    lol yeah me too about rehab song it just depends on the mood I am in at the time it comes on lol…
    is that “AMY” on youtube???…
    OMG you know about the 27 club too gurl???… That is what I think happen too..
    Thank you so much for always a warm welcome and a smile…you are appreciated gurl…

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  4. Hi Sue! I hope you’re doing alright. It’s good to see you here! It took years for me to like “Rehab.” I still get annoyed with it sometimes. I finished watching “Amy” earlier today. OMG it’s very good. We know what happens at the end but it was still sad to watch. Absolutely, she was gone too soon 😦 She joined the 27 club.

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  5. Hey Lisa gurl!!!…
    I got so tired of the rehab song lol…but this gurl had so much talent and such an amazing voice..different than what we had been hearing on the radio at the time…
    I have watched a few documentaries on her and her life and its just sad case how it ended for her… I last heard that her father was having his own report done on his daughter to find the real cause of death since so many were saying that she was clean during the time of her death …who knows all I know gone to soon with such a different voice great sound and I think there is more to her story than what we have been told..with that said its been awhile since I have looked her up and if anything new has come about …I think that I am going to play her songs on Spotify today …it is a rainy gloomy day here chilly too…I think it is fitting (her sound for today)…Gone to soon…

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  6. Lisa, what a talent that left us way too soon. She needed to surround herself with better influences, yet she drove them away with her habits and let herself be taken advantage of with poor influences. Her voice was truly a fine instrument. Keith

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