A List of Guilty Pleasures

Hi everyone and happy Friday! I hope your week went well! I’m a little under the weather but I’m doing alright for the most part. I’m just going to relax today and this weekend. When it comes to music, TV shows, lifestyle choices and even food, I have a few guilty pleasures. Guilty pleasures are things you like but don’t really want others to know about. My son, a few family members and friends know of some of mine already. I hope they make you laugh or at least smile a little bit. How about you? Do you have any guilty pleasures? If you do, please feel free to add them in the comments. I guess we’ll start with TV shows. Don’t judge me!


❤ ❤ ❤


“Full House”- In 2016, me and my son are still catching reruns of “Full House” on Friday nights. Yea, bye bye nights at the club and bar! I think I still enjoy the cheesy show because I grew up watching it with my parents and sister in the late 80’s and 90’s. Michelle Tanner was well-known for her phrases like “You got it dude!” and “You’re in trouble Mister!” I’ll admit it…I had a crush on uncle Jesse (John Stamos) for awhile there. Hell who am I kidding? He’s still hot at 53 years old! I would also get excited whenever the other daughters had dating dilemmas or problems at school. Why? I don’t know! I guess because I went through some of those things too and they’re around my age. I can’t think of any other guilty pleasure TV shows right now. If I come up with anymore, I’ll let you know.


I can’t believe I’m saying this but I sometimes play the song above really loud in my car. Even though “Top Gun” was released in the 80’s, the song and movie take me back to my high school and college years. We always watched this movie in my ROTC class. I was thinking of joining the military so I took this class in high school and college. Yea…I can’t believe I still like this song but I do!

Lately, I’ve been listening to 80’s/90’s band Roxette a lot. I discovered “Rain Queen” the other day and I can’t stop listening to it. I’m also a fan of a couple of their other songs like “Listen to your Heart” and “It Must’ve Been Love” (a.k.a. the song from “Pretty Woman”).


Yeah, no comment on this one…I wonder what Sisqo’s up to these days? I have plenty of other guilty pleasure songs but I couldn’t think of any others right now. I’ll blog about others another time.


I’m always craving pickles! I especially LOVE the hot pickles in a huge jar at the gas station. My mouth just got watery thinking about them! 😀 I’m probably the only one who buys those pickles! The jar always seems to be full.

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos with nacho cheese. Photo from Pinterest.

This might or might not be an El Paso thing but every time I’ve told people about it, they say they’ve never heard of it. Two snacks I enjoy to the CORE are: Flamin’ Hot Cheetos in a bag drenched in Velveeta cheese or gas station nacho cheese. I like to eat them with a fork. Another favorite snack is Dorinachos. Dorisnachos includes Nacho Cheese Doritos, jalapenos, nacho cheese and chili beans. Doggos makes the best Dorinachos in town!


I’m wearing these EXACT pants right now! Photo from Google Search

Since it’s getting cold in El Paso, I’m a BIG fan of furry/fluffy pajama pants and socks. If anyone ever wants to buy me a present, please buy me furry socks or pj pants! I’m also a big fan of big, fat, thick Mexican style blankets. My grandma just gave me an old one and it’s the warmest and best thing ever! Oh yea, I also like wearing furry sweaters and ugly Christmas sweaters. 😀 Since me and my son have been sick this week, we’ve been putting Vicks on our bodies a lot. Am I the only one who LOVES the smell of it? I love to put it in on my nostrils!

Mexican Style blanket- Photo from Google Search


Photo from Forever 21




  1. Awww heya gurl!!!…
    It’s OK …just getting the run around and tired of it all…but I am flexible lolol…I will get thru this…I keep the faith gurl..and thank you for the prayers I will take them and need them…♥
    Kool…that is always nice to relax and watch movies…I am so far behind on movies…like going to the movies or even watching them…the last movie I went to the theater was the movie shallow hal lol…I can’t remember what movie was on directv that my better half was making dad watch lol…dad likes forest gump ….and he loves the lethal weapons 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, lol jk ..but he does love them…he watched die hard and the second one the other day too lol…were playing catch up for him…
    I have never seen any of those game of thrones movies …I can’t remember if I asked you if you have directv or cable or do you use amazon or netflex or??? …
    OMG you have to try one…again I don’t think they are hot just more vinegar n something but a lil hot…now some places they are pretty damn hot but for the most part you will be safe that is if you can find them lol…like I said next to the pickled eggs and pickled pickles lol…
    I hope that you are enjoying your movie gurl…and staying warm…getting cold, cold here..even may get some snow…woohoo …funny thing is that is was 69 for the high and now its 25 but feels like 11 outside and 22 winds…please let my wish come true …I want snow….
    well speaking of snow…the tree is still up but still not decorated hahaha..we just not in the mood ..in the spirit but not the mood…since its just us 3 we thought to save money just buy regular food for Christmas instead of spending it all on holiday food…it will go further..but probably still get a turkey since I can make a lot of things with that…who knows we may even decorate the tree the day of lololol…Lord help us….


  2. Hi Sue! I’m sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well 😦 I’ll pray for you! I’m doing alright, just relaxing with the boyfriend. We’re going to watch Game of Thrones in a little bit. Definitely not my choice but I’m being nice. Lol. Don’t think I’ve seen those sausages before. They sound pretty tasty! Which movie did you watch?? Hugs!

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  3. Hey Gurl!!!…
    Again sorry for not getting back with ya sooner…I feel like I have been saying that a lot these days…still trying to hang in there with this fucking health shitt..and the dr …He the Dr just added more stress to me ..but maybe if I can get my mind a lil clear I will write about it..just at a loss …anyways these hot sausage they are red in a big jar like the pickles things like that …now I can’t remember how hot they are but they are good hell they may not be hot at all…lol look for them at a gas station sometimes bars have them too lol..
    How are you feeling these days???…I sure hope better…♥
    aw dad was going to watch that game but opt to watch a movie since he never got to go to the movies as a kid or growing up or even married so anytime we see a good movie that we think he will like we make him watch it…lolol…
    Let me know how you are feeling gurl…and sorry again for taking so long to get back with ya…
    Hugggs n ♥

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  4. As badly as I want to give her medicine, the doctor told me as long as she eats and plays there will be no need. I’ve been giving her lots of water and she has been sleeping alot too.

    Yeah, it’s on Netflix if you have an account. I also learned Gilmore Girls has a sequel show out too!

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  5. Hi Victoria! After a few days in bed I’m finally starting to feel better. I’m working on a post on how to effectively get rid of a cold. Sorry about your baby! 😦 Have you given her Tylenol?? I haven’t seen Fuller House yet. Maybe I’ll check it out today. Girl! Warm brownies and ice cream is the best! I have a sweet tooth also! I 💖 sleeping too!

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  6. I hope you feel better. I can’t stand flu season. My daughter is starting to catch a cold.

    My guilty pleasure is Full House too! Have you seen the sequel, “Fuller House” with the daughters. I love it! My other guilty pleasures is singing in my office, warm brownies and ice cream (or any warm pastry like donuts, cookies, and cake) and sleeping. lol5

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  7. Hi Sue! Hot sausage?? Please explain! Sorry about the power! :/ Hmm, well the Cheetos aren’t hot for me but I guess the best way I can compare them to is a little bit hotter than Louisiana hot sauce. Unfortunately, the Vicks isn’t helping me right now. I’ve been sick and in bed almost all weekend now 😦 I couldn’t really get out of bed today and the day before. I was about to start blogging but I couldn’t! I might later on. If not, tomorrow or Tuesday. I guess I’ll try putting some more Vicks when I go to bed. I have been taking Nyquil a lot. I like that it makes me fall asleep. Hope your day was good! I’m about to watch the Dallas Cowboys game in about 45 minutes.

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  8. Hey Lisa gurl!!!…
    I have been sitting on your page here since I came across it and every time I went to post a comment our power would go out and so I would restart my computer and poof off goes the power again lol…so I am here again still on your blog post trying to make a comment lol…
    Love those pickles and the hot sausage ones too and hey “Jesse” still looks good lol…
    I used to watch that show too…Oh man was that movie good Top Gun…until his friend died…I had that soundtrack to the movie and to this day is still a good one to listen too..like you said above…
    I love Roxette joyride cd so far the best…all of the songs on it.. ♥
    How I remember the “Thong song” lol..Good ol days of MTV when they did play musik videos…
    YES!!!…warm fuzzy pj’s for sure all the time when it gets cold…and summer ones in the summer lol…lot has to do because of my Lupus and fibro and extra dry skin so I have to be a lil picky of clothes..and use of water …
    I have never had the flamming hot things…how hot are they gurl???I don’t know what you could compare them to??? I like hot stuff but flavor not hot just to be hot lol…
    YUPPERS!!!…On those socks the fuzzer the better hehe…
    GURL!!!…Vicks vapor rub is the best!!!…We always hsve some on hand for the winter …yupp up in the nose is goes too lolol…My ex family fucktards that we don’t talk to they swear by putting some vicks on the bottoms of your feet and them put white socks on and go to bed and by the morning you will feel better….I still need to try this…if you try it let me know gurl…Oh fun fact my mom when I was a kid and she would put it on my chest would always take a tiny bit and EAT IT!!!…I think that is what was wrong with her lolol…
    We have a lot in common gurl…
    Hugggggs n ♥
    I would have to think but I am sure I have some guilty pleasures lol

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  9. This post was so awesome. I mean who DOESNT blast top gun!!!! And we all over here have hello kitty pjs AND we watch full house every night at 10 🙂 . Dont forget fuller house the all grown up version on its second season now. We are watching it.

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  10. Thank you Irene! I’m getting there but still congested and have a cough. You know, I was thinking the same thing? I think that’s why we still like things from our childhood! Good point Irene! ☺

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  11. Ugh I’m sorry. I have a bad cold too. I couldn’t get out of bed yesterday. I’m pretty much the same today but I went to the store and my grandparents house for a bit. I took some Nyquil so hopefully I pass out soon! Yea so much for a damn Jello shot!

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  12. Oh no! I’m really sorry to hear it, Kerry! I can imagine Christmas being hard! That’s probably why I’m all sick. It always stresses me out and with no job it’s worse. Just take it easy, my friend. I’m glad you had fun in El Paso.

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  13. I am afraid that the trip was a wipe-out. I had a panic attack and came home with Teddy the next day. Guess I am not as well as I thought. I promised the Hacienda owner a wonderful blog (he offered us free nights) and I have amazing photos. My mood is a bit up and down – Christmas is challenging this year with no parents left. Gosh, enough of the Grinch. 😆 I will be back to normal soon enough and thank goodness I have a wonderful time in El Paso – still more posts to come.

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  14. I share a few of yours… comfy pyjamas and socks! Love a sneaky chocolate too! And I agree with you on Joey from Full House! I loved that show!!!
    I love all 80s pop… that can be a guilty pleasure too!!!

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  15. Lisa, my favorite musical moment from Top Gun is still the Righteous Brothers sing along to woo Kelly McGillis in the bar. By the way, my wife and I love Roxette. Keith

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  16. Sisqo is still around, but I don’t think he’s doing any solo music. He and the act he was with before he went solo, Dru Hill, were just on the Soul Train Music awards a few weeks back. And yes, as part of their performance, he sang “Thong Song.”

    Maybe one of these days I’ll try those Flaming Hot Cheetos and some Velveeta. In the bag though? 🙂

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