2016 Blogging Awards- My Nominees


Hi everyone! The 2016 Blogging Awards are coming up! You have until Dec. 31, 2016 to vote for your favorite blogs in the following categories below. My nominees are: (I left some blank because I didn’t know who to pick!) 

*Blogger of the Year

*Blog of the Year- For this category, I would have to say Danny from Dream Big Dream Often https://dreambigdreamoften.co/ deserves this award. Danny is always helping other bloggers succeed with tips on how to become successful at blogging. He always puts other bloggers before himself. He also hosts meet and greets on a regular basis.

*Kindest Blog

*Most Approachable Blogger

* Best New Blogger- My new favorite blogger is Mackenzie (I call her Mack) from Mack Marie. Mackenzie blogs from the heart. She also includes great photos and recipes. Overall, visiting her blog is always a positive experience. https://mackmarie.com/ 

*Most Positive Blog- My favorite positive blog out there is Erika Kind’s. Erika Kind includes positive quotes, a song of the day and blog posts to help change your life in a positive way. I’ve learned so much from her and her blog. https://erikakind.me/

*Most Helpful Blogger- This one goes out to my blogging buddy, Tracy from A Joyful Process. I enjoy reading his blog about music. He’s a great person to talk to about blogging, sports, music, etc. I sometimes ask him if I should include a certain song on my blog and he’s honest about it. Thank you for being my friend, Tracy. https://joyfulprocess.blog/

* Best Looking Blog- I would have to say Par from PARPARV. She has great photos and her layout is very nice to look at. https://parparv.com/

* Most Relatable Blog

* Most Creative Blog- This one goes out to my blogging buddy, Robert Goldstein. Robert is super creative when it comes to poetry and photography. I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting him in San Francisco back in June. https://robertmgoldstein.com/

*Funniest Blogger- For this one I have to go with Gwin a.k.a. Lady G. from Seekthebestblog. This lady knows how to make me laugh a lot. Her comments and posts make me laugh on a regular basis! https://seekthebestblog.com/ 

* The Wildcard- I’ll have to go with one of my favorite blogs since almost day 1 here, Ritu from But I Smile Anyway. Ritu blogs about her family, culture, weight loss, poetry, etc. She fits many of these other categories but I’m nominating her for this one. https://butismileanyway.com/

For more info./details and to nominate your favorite blogs, you can do it here. Feel free to spread the word here and/or social media. Please DO NOT include your nominees in the comments here or they won’t count. Click on the link above to vote. Good luck to everyone!


  1. Hello! I’m new blogger. I’m Angel and still a teenager. Please kindly check my blog ( graciangelineblog.wordpress.com ) and don’t forget to follow my blog! Thank you 😊


  2. Awwww! Lisa!!!!! I was so honored to see my name listed and with such sweet words!!!! Thank you sooo much ❤ So thankful for you here! I can't wait to check out the other bloggers too. Thank you again- just made my whole day!

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  3. Oh yea duh! Yes I voted/nominated him. You can vote for him by leaving a comment in that blog. Just click where it says here on the bottom of my post.


  4. Thanks Lisa for thinking of me and my little corner of WordPress! I really appreciate it.
    This doesn’t have anything to do with that little football wager, does it? Hmmm….

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  5. OMG!!!!!!! Thank you so very much, Lisa! This is amazing. Wow! I have no words, I am just completely excited and humbled at the same time. Thank you for considering me for this amazing award. It is such an honor to be nominated and to be nominated together with such great bloggers. Thank you so much for your kindness 💖💖💖💖💖💖

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