How to Effectively Cure a Cold

Hi everyone! I hope your weekend was better than mine! Unfortunately cold season is upon us. I spent the last few days in bed due to a nagging cold! I had symptoms like coughing, a stuffy nose, sore throat, headache, chills, fever and body aches. Although I’m FINALLY starting to feel better, I decided to look around the Internet to see which home remedies might help me. Here are a few that helped below: (P.S. I’m not a doctor but these personally helped me). The only over the counter medicines I took were cherry cough drops and two Nyquil shots for bed. 🙂 I also rubbed some Vicks on my neck, back and feet. I put socks on after rubbing it on my feet.

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*Hot tea with lemon- I added lemon and green tea bags in hot water. I heated it up in the microwave for 2.5 minutes. Afterwards, I added 10 drops of lemon juice. I think this remedy helped soothe my throat. Adding honey is optional. I didn’t have any so I didn’t add any.

*Pickle juice- It might sound gross but I think this also helped my sore throat go away. I took two big sips of pickle juice straight from the jar. I noticed my throat and stuffy nose began to disappear within a few hours. The salt and vinegar are said to help. 


These are my favorite! Maybe the spices in it also helped? Photo from Google Search.

*Listening to relaxing music- As I was lying down and relaxing, I listened to several soothing songs by Enigma. According to Prevention, music helps manage pain, lowers blood pressure, eases depression and anxiety. You can check out their article here. I listened to “Why”, “Return to Innocence”, “Sadness Part I” and “I Love You…I’ll Kill You.” (I don’t like the title of this song but it’s a very relaxing song.) 

*Taking a hot bath or shower-A hot bath or shower seems to always make me feel better, even if it’s only from a bad day. After taking a hot shower, my headache wasn’t as bad.

*Eating and drinking healthy foods/drinks- Throughout the weekend, I ate several fruits and vegetables like grapes, watermelon and apples. I also ate yogurt, almonds and pumpkin seeds. Besides hot tea, I also drank lots of liquids like water, orange juice, lemonade and Gatorade.

Photo from Google Search

*Eating pineapple and/or drinking Pineapple Juice-Eating pineapple/drinking pineapple juice has several health benefits. Besides helping get rid of colds, Healthline says it can also help with the following: treating sports injuries, boosting fertility, reducing cataracts, preventing asthma and reducing bloating. Pineapple and its juice contains the enzyme bromelain. This might be the reason why it offers all of these cures for some. *WOMEN’S TIP* Pineapple juice mixed with a 5-10 drops of lemon juice has personally helped me with stopping painful menstrual cramps in a matter of hours. When my menses were irregular and heavy, the pineapple mixture helped regulate it and stop the bleeding within 24-48 hours. I drank 6-8 glasses of pineapple juice. Do you have any tips to quickly stop a cold? Do you have other home remedies you swear by? Feel free to leave them in the comments section.      


  1. As your internet doctor, I must warn you about a potential addiction to pickles. You will use any excuse to satisfy your need for pickles and pickle juice, which means you could be addicted. But don’t worry, you’re not the only one:

    “I love those Hot Pickles called ‘Hot Mama’ they are in those plastic pouches. I buy a couple cases of twelve about every two or three months online.”

    Does this sound like you? Then you could be suffering from a pickle addiction. 🙂

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