#RomanticTuesday 12-13-16

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a great Tuesday! Although today’s Romantic Tuesday song repeats the same lyrics, it’s still a really powerful song to listen to. The song’s couple asks each other if they love each other in French and English. He responds with “I’ll always love you till my dying day.” I think the way he says it is what gives me goosebumps. The song makes me tear up a little bit too. It’s very possible this song could even be dedicated to a family member such as a child or another relative one is really close to. This song could either be romantic or an unconditional love for a relative type of song. Today I’m taking you back to 2008 with the German music project, Enigma. Enigma’s videos are always filled with a lot of nature and beautiful scenery. “Je T’Aime Till My Dying Day” is no exception. What do you think of this song? Have you heard it before?         



On another note, I want to say happy 11th birthday to my son, Jacob. I can’t believe how fast time flies! I still remember taking him home from the hospital like it was just a few weeks ago! I have so many great memories of him like: the first time he walked, his very first day of school, the first time we visited Disney World, playing games and sports with him, the list goes on. I wish you many more years of happiness and good health, my son! I love you with everything in me! You make me so proud!             


  1. Thank you Erika! 💖💖 He’s at school right now. Later on, I’m getting a cake and lasagna for him. I got him some gifts too. I’m glad you like the song. So many Enigma songs inspire me and take me to another world.

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  2. I feel you on that!
    He’s like us…everybody in my house…with birthdays close to Christmas–lots of money going out 🙂
    I’m sure he’s going to be happy with all that you do 🙂
    Y’all have fun!

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  3. He’s shy at first but he warms up OMG! LOL. He wanted a cookie cake and Olive Garden so I gotta go pick it up in a bit. I got him a couple of gifts too. Don’t think there’s going to be a birthday party this year. I still have to make Christmas and pay bills 😕 I’m taking him to see Christmas lights too.

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