Christmas Eve Tacos & Tamales

Ready to ship!

Hi everyone and Merry Christmas Eve! I wanted to blog earlier but I got busy with last minute shopping, wrapping gifts and making chocolate chip cookies with my son. We’re in the middle of watching “The Santa Clause.” πŸ™‚ Although I think my son will be happy with the Christmas gifts he’s getting this year, I don’t think his gifts compare to the one I sent to Houston. I think the best gift for some former El Pasoans was me sending them local food in the mail! A wife wanted to surprise her husband with Chico’s Tacos and Pepe’s Tamales! I thought it was such a unique birthday and Christmas gift for him! This man’s wife must really really love him πŸ™‚

She found a blog post I did about Food Flight . Food Flight was a local business that sent Chico’s Tacos and other comfort foods nationwide. Since the business no longer exists, she asked me if I would still be able to send her local food. This wasn’t the first time former El Pasoans have contacted me about sending them Chico’s and other local comfort foods. Since shipping is expensive, others never went through with it. I was really worried about this Christmas Eve gift arriving on time and/or if the food would go bad. Luckily, she received the food unharmed πŸ™‚ It made my Christmas Eve a little bit brighter to hear this news! I froze the tamales, tacos, cheese and chile overnight. I wrapped everything in plastic bags and foil. I made sure all of the packaging was sealed tightly with tape and plastic baggies. I also included a couple of gel packs. Shipping the food was no easy task but I was still very excited for them! What’s the best gift you’ve ever given someone? Have a good Christmas Eve/good Christmas morning, everyone! I’ll be back on Christmas Day with a post!

Photo from Yelp!



  1. Those Tamales look AMAZING! I hope you had the most wonderful Christmas ever, Lisa!!! Chico’s is on my foodie list. I heard a comedian mention it one time and looked it up- I hear it’s fantastic! Have such a good week!!!!

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  2. Aww thank you Lisa gurl!!!
    We just hanging out talking and watching tv ..a couple of my better half friends just showed up drinking coffeeee and hearing about the lil ones they have getting gifts…I always enjoyed watching kids get gifts but hearing the story is just as good lolol…

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