“Jesus to a Child”- R.I.P. George Michael

Hi everyone. I’m sure you’ve already heard about singer George Michael’s unfortunate passing on Christmas Day. 2016 has been a brutal year for celebrity deaths. For whatever reason/reasons, society has always taken celebrity deaths very hard and personally. I think I’ve taken several celebrity deaths pretty hard, especially this year. Their works of art somehow resonated with me at some point in my life. I’ve related with their movie scripts, literary works and/or song lyrics. Even if we didn’t personally know a celebrity, we feel like we did through their artistic masterpieces. For example, we related to them when they went through a breakup or fell in love just by listening to their song lyrics. We’ve also related to them having fun in life and even losing someone close. 

I’ve been a George Michael fan since I was a kid growing up in the 80’s. At times, I’ve felt like I could relate to some of his love songs especially when I got older. I’ve been listening to his solo and Wham! music for the past few months. I didn’t know which song of his to include today. I eventually decided on “Jesus to a Child.” According to Wikipedia, George Michael wrote the song as a tribute to his late lover, Anselmo Feleepa in 1994. Because of George Michael’s grief, he was unable to write music or perform for more than a year. Before every live performance, he dedicated the song to his late lover. I’ll quote what YouTube user Randy P said in the comments of this song: “He’s with his beloved Anselmo now. R.I.P. beautiful George. Thank you for touching me so deeply with your voice and your music.”


  1. Thank you for your comment! George Michael definitely left us too soon! A lot of what you say makes so much sense. I’m still listening to his music a lot these days.


  2. I am still completely heartbroken over George Michael’s shocking passing. Just a few months ago he denied talk that he was struggling with a horrendous substance abuse problem. He even said on Twitter something to the effect, “Please do not believe this rubbish you have been hearing, my lovelies.” Of course, people suffering from that level of addiction are often in denial even to themselves. I do not know for sure what he died from, but it is a similar situation to Prince’s. These multi-millionaires have EASY access to ANY drug WHENEVER THEY WANT. Also, Christmas Eve 12/24 was his mother’s birthday. I do not believe he ever got over her passing & I think possibly he may have made the choice to join her on her birthday. I just wish he would have hung in there (for our sake, if for no other reason). He could have called me any time of the day or night and I would have been there for him as a friend. I do not think he really understood how much he was/is loved and cherished. Or maybe he did but hated himself. Whatever the circumstances…..I LOVE YOU FOREVER, GEORGE MICHAEL!!!

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  3. I remember listening to his music, as well as the other major music stars of that time…Prince, Madonna, & of course, Michael Jackson. Such a shame that so many of them are gone, & at such an early age. He will be missed.

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  4. I’m shocked by the loss. His cover of “I’m calling you’ is one of the most beautiful I’ve heard.
    I did not know the story of his deceased lover. George Micheal became a hero of the movement for Gay Liberation by simply being himself.

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  5. It was gurl…and yours too..I love the mix of food that you had too…why in the hell not have something different or change it up and have fun with it…
    Gurl you should have told me before I watched it…omg!!!…I had never seen it before and thought well I just watched speed and hadn’t seen 2 but damn it…I rather take a fork and poke out each of my eyeballs one at a time lololol…I can’t believe how bad it was made…it probably didn’t go over good at the movies if I were to guess…lol…
    It has to be..it is a must!!!… 2017 for all…things are going to change for the better…I have faith…for all…☻
    Now I want some homemade tamales and all the works…damn it gurl lolol…its hard to find a good place around well hell any city on each side of us that makes decent Mexican food …just not the same …its more of a texmex…I like that too but just not enough to go out and eat..I want the real deal…spicy and all…lol…

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  6. Me too! Your Christmas sounds great and tasty! We ate turkey and tamales with rice and beans, chile con queso, mashed potatoes, stuffing. Mexican and Thanksgiving food I guess! Lol. I won’t watch Speed 2. Lol. I’m sure 2017 will be better! 🙂

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  7. It has gurl ..I am ready to get out of it lol…
    Oh yes!!!…Very handsome!!!…
    So glad to hear that you had a good Christmas gurl and with your family…☻ and that your son loved his gifts…
    We had a laid back day it was good we watched one of the die hard movies that dad never seen and the movie speed and speed 2 lmao the last one sux hogg ballz …but we had cheese and crackers that I cut up and deviled eggs and instead of Turkey or ham we made prime rib in the oven from a recipe that better half found on facebook that turned out so damn good …omg gurl…lol…its now in the crock pot getting warm and even more tender with the sauce ..it was so tender I used my fork to cut it…just something different this year…we all 3 needed a change …so I hope 2017 is a good year for all…I feel everyone needs it…

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  8. Hi Sue! 2016 has definitely been a sad and rough year! I saw the news on Twitter and I was in absolute shock! I always thought he was handsome. Christmas was good 🙂 I spent it with my family. My son liked all of his gifts. How about you?

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  9. Hey Gurl!!!…
    Such sadness as we have lost another great one…
    This has been truly a ruff year for musik lovers…and well personally too lol…
    Mtvclassic has been playing his videos since I went to bed last night and woke up to him…
    Our friend told us about his death and we thought it was a hoax or lie that some sick website put out..but not so…
    How was your Christmas gurl???…

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