The 2016 Blogger Awards!

Hi everyone! There’s ONE day left to vote for your favorite blogs! I was nominated for The Wildcard Award. Feel free to spread the word in your blog and/or on social media. You can vote in the comments section of the Just Call me Elm Or Something blog.


  1. Contests and awards are nice. I had a box of gymnastics awards, but I lost them in one of my moves. But sometimes, it all seems a little like a beauty contest. Or a popularity contest. Both of which I would never enter. 🙂

    I had a blogger visit me recently who only blogs about blogging. How to get more hits. How to get more followers. Almost like blogging was a job. Work.

    On the other hand, we live in the digital age, so we need to adapt. I’m trying to adapt. Really. But it appears that I can’t be an extrovert, even online. 🙂

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