My Favorite Songs from 2016

Hi everyone and Happy Friday! Thank Goodness 2016 is FINALLY coming to an end! Are you ready for this year to be over too? It’s been a crazy year, especially in my personal life. I hope 2017 will be much better for me and everyone. 2016 was a pretty hard year to pick a lot of songs I liked. I decided with the following 10 songs and a couple of bonus songs. My blogging buddy, Tracy from A Joyful Process inspired me to do this post. You can check out his lists here. He has a great selection of mainstream and non-mainstream songs/albums.  Eclectic Music Lover did an awesome list of Top 100 songs from 2016. You can take a look at it here. I’m going to countdown my list of hits starting at number 10. What are your favorite songs and albums from 2016? WARNING: A few of these songs are NSFW (not suitable for work) or children. Please listen at your own risk.

Number 10- Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling” This is a nice, upbeat song that gets me going. The song was featured in the children’s movie, “Trolls.”

Number 9- Metallica’s “Hardwired” These guys can still rock after a few decades! I was really surprised when I heard they were coming out with a new album this year. They put on a hell of a show!

Number 8- Carlos Santana’s “Blues Magic” This song is sort of the story of my life right now πŸ˜‰

Number 7- Future’s “Low Life” I’m not really into new rap. I got to see the guy at El Paso’s Neon Desert Music Festival in May and… I’ll admit he isn’t all that bad! I like his collaboration with The Weeknd in this one.

Number 6- Calvin Harris “This is what You Came for” I didn’t like this song when it first came out but…it eventually grew on me. I’m SO not a Rihanna fan but I guess this song is an exception to the rule. I honestly think someone else could’ve sang her part a lot better in this one (maybe even Taylor Swift?? Ha ha, imagine the drama there after her and Calvin’s breakup?) Calvin Harris’ beat is what gets me to like the song.  

Number 5- Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman” Not much to say other than I like the beat and vocals in this one.

Number 4- Bruno Mars “24K Magic” Ever since I heard the song for the first time in October, I’ve been bobbing my head and singing along to it a lot lately.

Number 3- Twenty One Pilots “Heathens” It’s been awhile since I’ve followed a lot of alternative rock music (I think the last time was when Nirvana’s “Teen Spirit” was a huge hit!) This one’s being played on the Top 40 and rock stations here. I love the beats and lyrics of it. This one is no stranger in the blog.

Bonus songs:

Just a heads up, guys…my top two favorite songs from 2016 are both collaborations with The Weeknd and Daft Punk. I’ve already been saying it for years but I’ll say it again…The Weeknd has a TON of talent! I expect so many more great hits from him in the years to come. 

Number 2- The Weeknd’s “I feel it Coming”


Number 1- The Weeknd’s and Daft Punk’s “Starboy”


  1. Enjoyed reading this!
    I’m a Alternative music blogger based in India, fairly new to WordPress. My latest blogpost is about Royal Blood, the new heavy rock duo who have been applauded by the legend Jimmy Page himself, they have opened for Foo Fighters and Arctic Monkeys are big supporters of this act. Rock riffs haven’t sounded this good since the 00s.
    Do check it out and my other related articles too and feel free to comment and share your views.

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  2. OH that sounds yummy…they also have a vanilla flavor liquor that you add to coke or any drink that you want vanilla flavor may know the name but I for the life of me I can’t lol…
    No I agree I don’t care for dry wines at all…yuck…I am with you on all that gurl…
    Oh lord better half he is getting ready to go to the store now lol..we just need a few things to get us thru…gurl that is the worst time to go shopping for food lololol…I am gonna make black eyed peas n ham for dinner after I take a damn shower…they are supposed to bring you good luck…so I am trying everything lolol…tacos sound good too…today the sun is shinning for the first time in a long time and its not raining lol..still a lil kool but not bad …the front door is open so let the fresh air in ……


  3. Yes! I feel like drinking Malibu with Coke today. Eh I don’t like dry wines, only sweet ones. I feel a little bit better. I went to the store and let me tell you…they’re packed! Maybe because I was hungry! Lol. I’m going to make some tacos in a minute here…maybe! Lol. I feel all lazy because it’s cloudy and rainy.

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  4. lmao gurl…
    so pretty much anything lol…coconut rum…my favorite …not sure if you were talking about that kind of rum but that was the first thing that came to my mind lol…I can drink that straight or with oj…could combo ….lol..I can’t drink beer anymore it makes me to full way to fast lol…
    I have some wine in the fridge damn I can’t think of the name of it at this time but I had never tried it before and was going by the name and thought hell why not try it but it’s a lil to dry and not a hint of sweet in it so not my favorite but may have to resort to it..since that is the only thing we have ..unless I go hunting around and see what I find…lol…
    Aww gurl..are you doing better now with your mood???…I can understand…

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  5. aww that is kool…at least you be safe there…☻ don’t get to wild and drunk blog lol…I just may have to do that lol…
    aww thank you gurl..its ok..I appreciate the kind thoughts ☻β™₯
    so what do you like to drink???…

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  6. Sounds like fun gurl…
    I am not sure…usually the cops are so bad and the distant one has to travel to say a bar and it depends if the bar that is near us is doing anything…sometimes they have a good spread of food and midnight champs lol and musik…the guys usually play at bars but I am not sure if they are this year….sometimes a few friends stop over but they never make it till midnight lolol…again now if the guys were playing somewhere I will try my best to go…but dealing with one hell of an infection that is bringing me to tears every so often I am up in the air …my soup is getting cold since I can’t eat it right now due to this shitt…other than that I am just GREAT!!!lmao lolol

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  7. Well gurl you know me …imma hangin in there lol…ready to get this new year off to a great beginning 2017 here we come!!! lol…
    Do you and your hunny have any plans for the new year???…

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  8. Hey gurl!!!…
    Love this list…same as the one person said JT can always get me in a good mood lol…
    anyways I loved every song on here and enjoyed your list…
    Here is to the best 2017….fuckers to 2016 lolol
    Huggggs n β™₯

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  9. Oh yes, all is well! Busy with my project and lots of gatherings and appointments. That’s why I am barely around at the moment. But I am coming up with a post tomorrow ;-). Hope you are doing good too, Lisa! I wish you the best of life for 2017! May all your dreams come true or at least, may there be less struggles than unfoldings!

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