The Keys by DJ Khaled


Hi everyone! I recently read DJ Khaled’s “The Keys” and I couldn’t put it down! It usually takes me months to finish a book but “The Keys” was an exception. Because of the book’s positivity, I finished the 213-page turner in four days! The keys refer to tips for success. Anyone can use them to improve their lives. If you want to start the year off right, this is a perfect read. DJ Khaled talks about his success and failures in the music industry. Not only does he tell you his stories but others he’s known for years also speak highly of him. Some of those people include Jay-Z, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Fat Joe, Arianna Huffington and several other successful well-knowns. I actually felt like I was chatting with DJ Khaled at his Miami mansion near his angels with a tasty drink in hand. DJ Khaled refers to his outside home plants as his angels. It’s almost as if he has his own language. 

One of DJ Khaled’s main keys is to stay away from “they” at all times. “They” are your enemies a.k.a. people who pretend to like you but are out to get you. In other words, “they” are people who want to see you fail in life. DJ Khaled also gives advice on how to make more money in your career and/or business. He refers to it as securing the bag. DJ Khaled feels like you’ll make the most money if you’re following your true passion in life rather than chasing money. Some other main keys he includes are: Don’t ever play yourself, Respect the code, Glorify your success, Don’t deny the heat, Keep two rooms cooking at the same time and Win, win, win no matter what. He refers to himself and other successful people as special cloth. DJ Khaled is the founder of We the Best Music Group. He’s also known as the king of Snapchat because he has around six million followers. Back in October, he snapchatted his son’s birth.

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  1. That is a wondeful teaching. We are all so different in our dreams, skills, purposes… so we don’t need someone who teaches us in one direction. We need inspiration to find our own direction!

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  2. Girl I keep seeing this dude on TV wondering who in the world he is!
    And here you go with a whole post! LOL!!!
    Talk about synchronicity?
    Thanks for the intro!
    Lisa, I’m getting old!

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