No Restrictions!😁

Check out Erika’s awesome online store! She has all kinds of gifts for all of your loved ones! Valentine’s Day is around the corner… I LOVE this mouse pad and many other great products she offers like candles, cell phone cases, magnets, mirrors, etc.


  1. Awesome!!! Basically you can adjust any phone case to your type of phone when you click on the item and get in the “order” mode. You can also “customize” (change colors, …) As you saw, unfortunately there is no leather case for the Samsung S7. I have the same one and wanted one too but they don’t have oneπŸ˜’ So sorry, I hope it is coming soon too! There is only the plastic case for now. Again, huge hugs and thank you for your amazing support, Lisa 😘

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  2. You’re welcome, Erika! πŸ’– It’s so cute, I got it! Lol. I was looking at the leather phone cases but they don’t having my size. Let me know if you get one for a Samsung S7 and I’ll get it. Virtual hugs will have to do! Lol.

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  3. Wow!!! This is so very cool! I am pleased that you like that mouse pad that much πŸ˜ƒ Thank you very much for reblogging my post and for adding such lovely words! You are amazing! I wish I could hug you! You are an angel, Lisa πŸ’–

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