Thoughts on the 45th U.S. President, Protests/Marches


Hi everyone. Had I planned things out better, I wouldn’t be writing this from my bedroom. Back in November, I was looking at attending a Women’s march in Washington, D.C. or Austin, Texas. D.C. was immediately out of the question due to expensive flights and hotels. My second best option was driving or flying to Austin. I eventually decided against it too. I have bills to pay and I was laid off from my job in October. There was a march held in El Paso on Friday afternoon. There’s another one planned for this afternoon.  I’ll let you know if I attend.

Some of you might be thinking Trump already won the presidency and there’s nothing we can do but move on and accept it. I vehemently disagree with that. Many Americans refuse to accept him as the 45th U.S. president. I dislike his actions as a human being for several reasons. I don’t like how he treated a disabled reporter. I don’t like how he thought it was OK to grab a woman’s private area. I don’t like how he treats women like second class citizens. I don’t like how he gets away with not paying taxes. I don’t like how he’s treated minority tenants, especially African Americans. I don’t like how he’s acted towards Jews, Mexicans and Muslims. My maternal great grandparents came from Mexico. They helped build this country and its railroad.  How can I like or respect someone who shows so much hatred towards Mexicans? He says he wants to ‘make America great again’ but for who? What does this really entail? He thinks he can do or say whatever he wants just because he’s rich. Are we supposed to forget his past? Does it magically disappear now that he’s the president? Will he really change his evil ways? Nobody is perfect and everybody makes mistakes. People usually don’t change either. It isn’t a mistake if you keep showing your true colors over and over again. I’m pretty sure Trump’s presidency leaves behind a lot of doubt and questions worldwide. I keep asking myself if I’m still proud to be American. The answer is yes I still am. I’m proud of being able to exercise my First Amendment Right to protest peacefully if I’m unhappy. I’m grateful I’m able to express myself here in this blog. God bless America! God help us all!   

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  1. And Bill Clinton was a stellar president? Please. Get over your feelings, Trump is president, get over it.


  2. I saw there were protests in the U.K. this weekend and even prior to the women’s marches. That’s great they extended over there. I honestly think people are going to really fight back this time. They’re angry and it doesn’t have to only do with him being a Republican and conservative.

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  3. Absolutely, Keith well said. I’m going to check out your friend’s link. Thank you for sharing it here! 🙂 I saw the three examples you included on the news and Twitter. People who voted for him will eventually realize they made a huge mistake. I have a feeling he won’t make it for four years as POTUS for whatever reason. I wish this was a bad nightmare we could all just wake up from!

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  4. Lisa, I share your sentiment. We must be vigilant and shine spotlights on behavior, actions or words that are not helpful to our country or planet. Our friend Hugh wrote a post about how he endeavors to “gaslight” us. Here is the link:

    I use three easy examples just from his first day on the job.
    – while he is telling people to build American and buy America, the caps on the heads that say “Make America Great Again” were made in China, Vietnam and Bangladesh. This disappointed some of his fans.
    – he failed to tell the media he also signed an executive order to roll back a scheduled mortgage premium decrease that would have saved money for 1 million plus homeowners – that would be middle class homeowners
    – he was highly critical of the media for saying his inauguration crowd was smaller than others, while at the same time using a picture of Obama’s first inauguration crowd shots.

    Five biographers and a ghostwriter of his best selling book “The Art of the Deal,” said he has a propensity to lie and has done so his entire career. Keith

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  5. I share all of your feelings Lisa. Trump is a cruel, narcissistic sociopath who is totally unfit for the Presidency. It’s going to be a troubling 4 years, and I don’t think those of us who strongly dislike and disapprove of him should ever accept him and his administration.

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  6. I haven’t liked him since he was on this TV show called “The Apprentice.” To be honest, I don’t think he’ll make it four years being our president. He doesn’t have any political experience and he’s 70 years old.

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  7. I hope you people standing up and not giving in and also the other countries not playing his game will keep the world in order until his presidency is over. There is nothing I ever felt good about that person. Actually, there is a very uncomfortable wave coming over before he even said a word.

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  8. I think it would be a mistake if you didn’t attend the rally today. I think it would be one of those regrets in life that we have. I have heard a number of people tell me “Thank you for your service.” whenever they find out that I’m a veteran. People want to thank me? Go exercise your Constitutional rights. That’s how you thank me.

    Go exercise your rights and be safe sweetie. Take pics.

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