#Loveuary Challenge (Flowers)


Hi everyone and Happy Sunday! For today’s Loveuary challenge I’m using Ritu’s prompt, flowers. I decided on flowers because some of us may give a loved one flowers on Valentine’s Day. My favorite flowers have always been roses, especially fragrant red ones. Did you know flowers have different meanings depending on their color? I didn’t know this until recently! I’m going to go over a few flower colors and their meanings. You can check out Proflowers.com for more info. I already knew some info. but Pro Flowers helped me with additional facts.


Red- Red flowers, especially red roses are tied to romance. They symbolize someone’s love and desire for a person. The red rose has been used as a romantic gesture throughout Greek and Roman history. Christians associate red roses with love for the Virgin Mary.

Pink- Pink flowers are given to show admiration and appreciation towards a person. Since there are different shades of pink, here’s what the different shades mean. Dark Pink- Used to say thank you to someone. Medium Pink- Great for a first love or to cheer up a friend who’s healing. Light Pink- Symbolizes gentleness. Pink roses are perfect for one’s mother, grandmother and/or favorite aunt.


White- White flowers, especially white roses, symbolize purity, marriage and new beginnings. White flowers are also a perfect way to let someone know you are thinking of them.

Yellow- Yellow symbolizes friendship and good health (In most cases. This mostly applies to yellow roses). See my list of terrible flowers to give below.  

Lavender- Love at first sight! Lavender roses are hard to find at times.

Orange- Passion and desire. Whenever I see an orange rose, I think of a bright, warm fire, along with a beautiful El Paso sunset.

Terrible flowers to give- Yellow carnations symbolize rejection or disappointment. A striped carnation symbolizes refusal. Black Roses represent death and farewell.

Photos from Pexels




  1. Thanks for checking it out, Chevvy! Yes, lavender roses are rare and good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sure they smell good too! I tried to have some rose bushes but they didn’t make it. I think it’s too hot for them. They survive here but they have to sort of be in both the sun and shade. Oh well live and learn. Maybe I’ll try planting them some other time. I’m thinking of going to the rose garden when it gets warmer. If I do, I’ll take lots of photos!


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