Friday Song 2-17-17

Hi everyone and Happy Friday! I hope your week was good! I haven’t been around as much because I’ve been working on a project outside of blogging. Today I’m including a song by one of my favorite singers, Luis Miguel. If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you might recall previous posts I’ve written about him. I’m going to tie this post with Ritu’s #Loveuary challenge. I’m using her prompt, celeb crush. When I was younger, I practically worshipped Luis Miguel and his music. Today I’m including Luis Miguel’s song, Sueña (to dream or hope) from 1996. The song was featured in Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame soundtrack in Spanish. It was also on his 11th album, Nada es Igual (Nothing is the Same). My sister used Sueña in one of her slow dances at her wedding a couple of years ago. I recommended the song to her. Here are a couple of paragraphs I wrote about Luis Miguel last year, along with Sueña‘s lyrics in English. The lyrics in Spanish are included in the video. Have a great weekend, everyone! I’ll see you soon!

One of my favorite artists and entertainers growing up was Luis Miguel. I’m still a fan but I’m not obsessed with him anymore. I had a huge crush on him as a child and teenager. My bedroom walls were literally covered with posters of him. I had every single one of his CD’s and concert DVD’s. I even had t-shirts with his face on them!

I had the opportunity to see him perform twice in El Paso. He’s been coming to El Paso and Ciudad Juarez in recent years. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to go anymore because the ticket prices are outrageous. Luis Miguel sings various styles of music like romantic ballads, pop and mariachi. Some of his songs have a jazzy sound while others include an entire orchestra. A few of his songs are redone classic Mexican ballads. He even sang a duet with Frank Sinatra called Come Fly with Me. Mariachi bands are a huge part of Mexican-American culture. If Mariachis are present, you know it’s for an important event. Mariachis are sometimes present at huge birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings and even funerals. Mariachis also serenade on Valentine’s and Mother’s Day. You can check out the rest of last year’s post here.

He dreams
with tomorrow
a new world
must come
Having faith
is very possible
if you are
that there are no borders
and love without barriers
do not look back
She lives
with emotion
to feel again, to live
your way
a new destination
and the sun will shine
souls unite in light of
goodness and love
and the day we find
that dream will change
no one will destroy
your soul truth
Have faith
is very possible
if you are
with a different world
where every day
the sun will shine
souls unite in light of
goodness and love
dream, dream you …
He dreams


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