Steve-O Live in El Paso

Hi everyone! Me and my boyfriend had the opportunity to see Steve-O last weekend at the El Paso Comic Strip. Steve-O was a big star on MTV’s Jackass, a reality TV show from the 90’s and early 2000’s. He and his co-stars performed many outrageous tricks and pranks. A couple of movies based on the TV show were made in the early 2000’s. Steve-O’s done some wild, crazy and disgusting sh*t in his life. Steve-O’s lived an interesting life. It’s a miracle he’s still alive at 42 years old! Steve-O talked about the times he was arrested. He was arrested for stapling his male private parts to himself. When he was in Sweden some years back, he swallowed a condom filled with marijuana. Luckily, he didn’t choke and he eventually recovered the marijuana. After all that, he ended up smoking the marijuana. Steve-O also talked about getting high with celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Mike Tyson and Kid Rock. He eventually hit rock bottom with legal issues and drugs so he went to rehab. Guess who he saw when he was in rehab? Mike Tyson! We had the opportunity to see Mike Tyson talk about his crazy life a couple of years ago. Stevo-O has been drug free for about three years now. He also performed a couple of tricks while he was on stage. He got naked and was able to hide his male genitalia between his legs. Ha ha ha! Although he didn’t let us take photos while he was performing, he let us take a selfie with him after the show. I included one of the photos he took of me and him. Me and my boyfriend had a great time! My boyfriend bought his memoir for me. He signed it: Steve-O loves Lisa 😀 Besides Steve-O, two local comedians opened up for him. The comedians included George White and Anthony Perez. Both of these comedians joked about their lives, culture and living in El Paso. They were pretty hilarious! 


Steve- O and Me!





  1. That sounds like a hilarious event and remarkable memory for you, Lisa. I don’t know Steve-O but to tell from what you shared he has come a very long way! Cool photo of the two of you. You look beautiful, Lisa!

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