Guest Post: NCAA Men’s Basketball Bracket Challenge Contest


Hi everyone! My blogging buddy Tracy from A Joyful Process did a guest post on our upcoming NCAA men’s basketball bracket challenge. If you’d like participate, please e-mail him at for more info. The deadline to participate is Wednesday, March 15. I hope to see you participate with us! Even if you don’t care about men’s college basketball, you’re still welcome to join! All you have to do is pick the teams you’ll think will win out of 60-some teams and a couple of other details. Please feel free to spread the word on WP and/or social media. The more, the merrier! 


First, let me thank Lisa A. at the Life Of An El Paso Woman blog for allowing me the opportunity to guest post once again.  

Over at my blog, A Joyful Process, I write a lot about music. In addition to my love of music is my love of sports. In another life, I was a sports blogger, and wrote about the sports that I love to watch and the teams I root for.  I like watching baseball, football (college and pro), soccer, the Summer Olympics and basketball (NBA and NCAA, men’s and women’s).  

One of the high holy days on a sports fan calendar is the beginning of the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament. I often refer to this time of year as a time when I catch the “hoop flu.” It has been given that name because I usually take time off to watch the opening round games on the first Thursday and Friday of the tournament. So before you ask, I will be out of the office on March 16 and 17 to watch as many games as I can. Last year on the opening Thursday I spent 9 hours at a sports bar with friends watching the games. I’m not sure whether I’ll be doing that again this year, but there’s still time for me to decide if I want to or not. 

One of the fun things that I do while watching the tournament is follow my picks on the tournament bracket. Before the games begin, I try to pick the perfect bracket—meaning I try to pick the winners for all the games of the tournament. For years, I used to set up contests at my job among the employees to see who could pick the best tournament bracket. With the advent of the internet, this can all be done online at any number of sites, or you can get software to do the job for you. Last year, I set up a bracket contest between myself and my gracious hostess, and it was a lot of fun as we talked smack to each other while the games were going on. I’ll just say that I won that contest. 

This year, we would like to open the contest to any bloggers who wish to participate. I will set up a group bracket game at ESPN for any bloggers who wish to participate. Please contact me at for details on how to join in the fun. If you’ve ever done a bracket challenge, or participated in an office pool for the NCAA Tournament, it is a very similar contest. You will have to make picks of all tournament games before noon on Thursday, March 16, 2017 (the First Four games on March 14 and 15 do not count as part of the tournament). Hope to hear from many of you soon!




  1. […] This post over at the Life Of An El Paso Woman blog explains the basics about the tournament. If you are unfamiliar with the Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament, it’s a competition for the college basketball national championship, staged by sixty-eight teams over the course of about three and a half weeks. The tournament begins on Tuesday with the first two of four “play-in” games. (Don’t worry about them; you won’t have to pick the winners for those). The action really begins on Thursday and Friday, when thirty-two first round games are held at sites all across the country. […]

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    I did a guest post for the upcoming NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament over at Life Of An El Paso Woman. Thanks to Lisa A. for allowing me to post on her blog! If you’re interested in entering a bracket challenge for the tournament, read on!

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