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Hi everyone! I hope you’re doing well! I would like to ask you for a BIG favor! Life of an El Paso Woman is nominated in the What’s Up Best of the Best Local Legends competition. This is a competition the weekly newspaper has every year. You have until March 15 to vote. The top 10 finalists from each category go onto the finals between March 20-26. The winner of each category is selected on March 29. You can vote for my blog right here. My name (Lisa Amaya-Life of an El Paso Woman) is under Best Local Blogger/Social Media Publisher. You would have to enter your e-mail in order to participate. Don’t worry, they don’t send any spam e-mails. They just want to know if an actual human voted 😀 Several nominees have been featured here in the blog. You are also welcome to vote for them or any others. The following nominees below have been featured here:

Best Artist

Jesus ‘Cimi’ Alvarado

JAM!, also nominated for Best Entrepreneur Under 40

Best Local Comedian

Sam Butler

Best Local Cover Band

Revolt, also nominated for Best Local Original Band

Best Local Original Band

Chuco Soul Project

Emily Davis

Gytrash (Sergio Carrasco)

Radio La Chusma

Best Stage Performer

Jerry Karnes

If possible, please spread the word by reblogging and/or on social media. Thank you in advance!

Photo from What’s Up Weekly




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