International Women’s Day


Hi everyone! March 8 is International Women’s Day. The day celebrates women’s achievements over the years. International Women’s Day also calls for more positive change in women’s lives. According to Fortune, International Women’s Day is similar to Valentine’s Day in some countries like Argentina and Russia. Women are given flowers and gifts from the men in their lives. Many American women will go on strike for gender equality. The strike is known as A Day without a Woman in the U.S. Although I’m not working full-time right now, I stand with those who are protesting today. Some women in the U.K. and Ireland also plan on going on strike. Irish women will protest against their eighth amendment, which bans abortion. London hosted a peaceful protest on Sunday. In honor of the holiday, women will wear red there. They protested gender bias in the art world. Italian women will celebrate by enjoying free entry to museums and cultural sites. Protesting in China and several Middle Eastern countries is unfortunately banned.


Although I am thankful for several contributions by women, I am especially thankful for Frida Kahlo’s art she shared with the world. Frida lived a hard but interesting life. I am thankful for the 19th Amendment, the right to vote aka woman suffrage. I am thankful for talented female singers like Sade, Ella Fitzgerald, Amy Winehouse, the list goes on! I am thankful for Chicana writers like Sandra Cisneros and Denise Chavez (she is a great person! I was fortunate enough to take her writing workshop last month). How about you, who are some of your favorite women and why? Have a great day, everyone and I’ll see you soon!    

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  1. Wow, you’ve had such an interesting life! I remember learning about what you write about in college, especially in my Spanish history class. I guess I paid attention a little. 😀 My grandma (my dad’s mom) was supposedly born after an affair. She and her mother were from Chihuahua. Her mother supposedly had an affair with a Jewish man from a prominent family here in El Paso. They used to own some local department stores here in El Paso. I’m anxious to get that test back!

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  2. I’ve been a part of Hispanic communities for decades, even in Israel where about 30% of Jewish people are from Spain, South and Central America! Learning Hebrew was a bitch because my Spanish kept overriding it. My only consolation was an Argentine guy who counted like this : una, dos, tres, quatro, cinco, shesh, sheva, ocho, tisha, esser…and You might notice that the Hebrew word for six, shesh, is right next door to seis. 400 years in Spain, and Hebrew and Spanish got very mixed.

    I’ve had the dubious pressure of being the object of the rage of many mamás y abuelitas (because of sticking their children with needles). They are a force to be reckoned with!

    You probably already know that Jewishness is inherited from the mother’s side. This is due to the non-Jewish tactic of using rape as a weapon of war. We got used to this thousands of years ago, but our conquerors/ would-be conquerors didn’t know this. So if a Jewish woman gets pregnant by a rape, the child will be Jewish! The joke is on them. Due to the Inquisition and the wholesale rape of Jewish women, 1 out of 5 Spaniards is genetically Jewish. (Thumbs nose)

    Many Jews only made it out of Spain alive by falsely converting to Catholicism. They are called Conversos or Muranos, which is a derogatory term. Large numbers escaped to South America and Cuba, where they lived as Catholics and assimilated. Mexico has both a huge hidden Converso population and a vibrant open Jewish community.

    Given all this, many people are surprised to find out that even though you don’t have to be Jewish to love Levy’s (a rye bread commercial from my childhood), it doesn’t hurt 😉

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  3. Very well said, Laura. I’ve always liked Frida’s art. The movie about her was pretty good too. Ha ha I guess you haven’t seen a Mexican/Hispanic mom or grandma get mad yet. My mom and grandma are nice but when they get upset, forget it! 😂 I did one of those online gene tests because I’m supposedly Jewish from my father’s side. My boyfriend is Jewish so he’s curious too. People should only be judged by their character not on where they came from/their culture or religion.

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  4. I love Frida! She was my role model many years ago when I was a painter in art school. Now she’s my pole star as I navigate Pain World.

    My women heroes are many and varied. I have some wonderful teachers, among them Sarah Yehudit Schneider, who teaches ancient Hebrew wisdom that is difficult for women to access because it’s been off-limits to women until now.

    I absolutely adore Mexican mothers and grandmothers. Their calm beauty, their kindness…I have experienced more kindness from beautiful brown women here in Arizona than ever before. It makes me cry!

    Unfortunately, I am not welcome at the women’s day marches in the U.S. I’m Israeli. That automatically means I must be a bad person (!). I wish that wasn’t true (that I’m not welcome), but it’s been shoved down my throat. It’s a sad thing when women can’t set aside their assumptions and opinions to embrace each other as sisters. Those are the real walls! Now more than ever, we need to topple those walls in the name of preserving the liberties we have fought for, which are in terrible peril not just in the Middle East, but everywhere….including in the U.S., where suddenly we find our reproductive rights in the crosshairs. Next there will be a dress code….

    Here’s to unity among all women, from all cultures, of every ethnicity and every skin tone!

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