Hi everyone and Happy Friday! I’m very glad this week is finally over. It was a really long and hard week. Music has actually played a huge part in keeping me sane, especially this week. It’s really served as a great form of therapy for me. Anyway… Today I’m participating in Ritu’s #MUSICALMARCH challenge. I’ll be participating in it periodically throughout March.

Whenever I listen to Pink Floyd, I always end up feeling better. If you’ve been keeping up with the news lately…Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters may perform their 1979 hit album The Wall at the proposed site of the U.S./Mexico wall. He told AFP “There will first need to be an awakening against these far-right policies. The sewers are engorged by greedy and powerful men as I speak to you.” “Music is a legitimate place to express protest, musicians have an absolute right, a duty, to open their mouths to speak out.” In 1990, Pink Floyd performed The Wall in Berlin, Germany. The album was performed to commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall. Have a good weekend, everyone and I’ll see you soon!




  1. Lisa,
    I know that this has been a hard week for you and a lot of other bloggers. I saw the post about your friend and I was so saddened.
    But I truly believe that we are never really separated and she is as close to you now as she ever was.
    God bless you my friend. I am thinking about you 🙂

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  2. Brilliant post, Lisa! Brilliant song selection! If ever there was the perfect symbol for dumb ignorant Donald Trump and his dumb ignorant supporters it is that dumb ignorant wall! Thank you Lisa. 👍👍

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