Celebrating Johnna Stahl’s Life


Hi everyone. The blogging community recently lost a member of the community, Johnna Stahl from All Things Chronic. At this time, her family is unsure of what caused her death. They suspect it was from natural causes. Her family is having a memorial for her in Houston soon. Johnna’s sister said they plan on releasing 54 blue balloons and maybe some butterflies. Johnna was 54 and her favorite color was blue. I’ll share photos from the memorial if and when her sister e-mails them to me. 


In Johnna’s honor, me and two of her blogging buddies, Kara and Laura want to host a blog memorial party for her on Sunday, March 19 here on Life of an El Paso Woman. I will put up a post at 10 a.m. We invite the blogging community and readers to stop by and leave comments about what you remember most about Johnna, music, poems, and/or anything else you would like to share throughout the day. I also setup a Go Fund Me account for Johnna’s family. Her family would eventually like to take Johnna’s car back to Houston by paying someone to drive it there or have it towed. They also want to assist with paying some of her final bills. The money may also be used for cremation costs if and when Johnna’s body is released to them. I’m hoping enough is raised by the end of the month, before her car gets towed from where she lived. If you would like to donate any funds, you can do so here. Any amount will really help. Please feel free to also spread the word. Thank you and I hope to see you at Johnna’s memorial here.

Johnna 2
Johnna (left) and her sister. Photos from Pexels and Johnna’s family. 



  1. Hey flying is even better and faster …yes that is a drive to much like you said for one person…lollol well your son is your good luck charm then since you didn’t loose all ur cash…lol..good thing lolol…
    yes that sound gets to me after oh a minute lol…

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  2. I didn’t want to drive so we flew. It’s too much driving for myself! I got a pretty good deal on the flight and hotel. I didn’t gamble as much because I had my son with us. That’s probably a good thing though! Lol. I really would’ve spent all my money! I know what you mean about the sound. Lol.

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  3. lmao gurl….lol…kool nice road trip…
    oh no…hate it when you ur up and boom down comes the hammer lol…yes blame it on DNA hehehe it is fun tho… When I used to go in the big truck with better half from here to California and back we would stop and gamble a lil if we were staying at the hotel and at a casino but usually we stayed in his truck it gets expensive staying at a hotel and most of the time wasn’t worth it more so not able since the truck stop was free lol he had certain places he would only stop at and eat at…either way fun until the sound ching ching ching starts getting to you lol or it does me…maybe cuz I don’t win…lol

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  4. Lol. I’m almost getting to the point of going to gamblers anonymous. I went to Vegas last week and lost. Lol. I was winning but NO! Lol. My grandma goes to the casino every weekend so I guess it’s in my blood.

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  5. I know it would depend on where one is flying or driving lol…
    Well hell than I will be with you and the rest of this crazy train I call family lol..since your gonna win that lottery gurl…lol…I wish you luck …I have only played it a few times now our friend Scott he plays every single time …I mean every single time…………he has won a couple thousands at a time enough when you win you have to go to the place and pick up the money…the floorboard of his truck is full of lotto tickets and scratch offs lol…I told him he needs to call that number on the back for help lmao…

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  6. I figured you weren’t feeling well. I’m not sure how much the flight or hotel is yet. The dinner runs about $45 per person. I got you if I win the lottery πŸ˜‰

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  7. I try not to be but again my health hit a all time high again with no energy at all but I hope to be on the uphill battle and get higher …thank you for always making me feel so warm and welcome …how expensive rough amount if you don’t mind and how long are you staying??? …if things change in a positive way and in a big, big way I may could pull it off but the way things are at this point it don’t look good for going …BUT I HAVE FAITH AND YOU NEVER KNOW….

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  8. This is just amazing…
    I will check it out it sounds so wonderful and amazing
    Yes we are so very much family here and I enjoy it very much here…


  9. Please don’t be a stranger, Sue! We’re doing a blogging event in Chicago in August. It’s expensive but I plan on being there one way or another. I’m so grateful I got to meet her πŸ™‚

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  10. Hi Sue! She is missed by many! One of her sisters called to let me know her memorial was on Friday in Houston. We bloggers did a little memorial for her yesterday. Please check it out if you can here on my blog. Some of her sisters, her mother and lots of bloggers left comments in it. One of her sisters also shared a couple of videos of her photography and family photos. Her niece did a great job on them. The videos are beautiful even though they made me cry. Johnna’s son also left a comment in the blog. We are family here, Sue πŸ™‚

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  11. Thank you for checking in on me…I do appreciate you.. and everyone…means the world to me…and makes me feel like someone does care…I know my dad and better half they care but you know..it gets lonely and scary …
    I wish I had the chance to have met her…you are a lucky gurl…wish we all could meet I think we all would have a blast…now if only we all had the cash lol..I know I don’t but a gurl can dream right…lol…still think it would be fun and maybe one day we all could…

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