Johnna Stahl’s Blog Memorial

Hi everyone. Today we celebrate our fellow blogger and friend Johnna Stahl’s life. Johnna’s loved ones held a memorial for her Friday in Houston. Johnna’s sister, Mary shared these beautiful videos of Johnna’s photography, memorial and family photos. She asked me to share them with the blogging community. Please feel free to share any memories you have of Johnna aka painkills2 from the All Things Chronic blog in the comments. Feel free to also share poems, quotes, music and/or general comments. Johnna will be missed by many.


I’m so glad I had the pleasure of meeting her last July in Albuquerque. She was very nice and fun to talk to in person and via e-mail. Johnna was a huge supporter of my blog and writing career. She encouraged me to start writing my book and continue freelance writing after a five-year break. Although I haven’t finished the book yet, I intend to finish it later this year or in early 2018. I can’t say enough good things about her.  Johnna suffered from chronic pain for many years. In order to forget about it for a little while, she often listened to music, baked and took pictures.  Johnna although you are gone, you will never be forgotten by many. ❤



Poem, graphic on behalf of Johnna’s sister, Mary.


Photos from Pinterest, Google Search



  1. Hi Sara, thanks so much for coming here. Your Aunt Johnna was a precious part of a wonderful community. She was a leader in pain patient advocacy. She was a dear dear friend to many. So you’re behind that wonderful video! I admit, I’ve not yet watched it all the way through. You see, it makes my eyes water….

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  2. Thank you for stopping by, Sara. You did an awesome job on the YouTube video! I’m sure Johnna would’ve loved the video. I’m sorry for your loss. Johnna will be missed by many people worldwide.


  3. My Aunt Johnna was very grateful to have all of you in her life! When I was looking at her blog and taking most of her pictures I could see to put in her memorial YouTube video, I saw that she was always saying “Thanks for going on a walk with me” when she would show everyone her pictures she took. I could see how happy it made her to share her life with all of you. Thanks for being there for her in this awesome community!

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  4. One of my favorite comments from Johnna two years ago. My question/blog post was So What’s the Purpose of a Blog? She answered:

    What is the purpose of blogging? Is that like asking what is the purpose of life? The purpose of humor? The purpose of creativity? The purpose of art?
    The great thing about blogging is that it can be whatever you want it to be — just like art. And if blogging makes you feel good, then that’s enough purpose, don’t you think?
    Unfortunately, the vast majority of artists don’t make any money from their work. Some bloggers hope to make money, and some bloggers even ask for money, but I don’t think blogging is about money. It can be about influence, maybe, but that’s for people with a lot of followers — like Facebook God. He started a campaign to raise money for a pro-gay billboard in an anti-gay city and was successful. It was great.

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  5. Josh, you are so right. A month or so before she left the planet, Johnna contacted me privately to let me know she had some symptoms that led her to believe that her death was imminent. She wanted information about Advance Directive, which I provided, and asked no questions. Johnna knew what she wanted and what she didn’t want.

    When I saw the photo of her with Lisa, my questions were answered. Her clothes hung off of her like banana leaves. Whatever it was that caused the profound weight loss, was likely her salvation from her life of pain.

    It was then that I realized the wicked humor of her baking fetish: the girl was dying, and she could eat whatever she damned pleased, without worrying about the cost of new clothes!

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  6. Such a beautiful memorial for her Lisa!. My heartfelt thank you! And a sincere thank you to everyone for your kind words and sharing your special memories. Our family is incredibly grateful that Johnna had such a wonderful, caring online family! Please know that ya’ll had a very special place in my sister’s heart. Wishing you all peace and prayers!

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  7. When I first came back to WordPress and learned of Johnna’s passing, I was devastated. As a few days have passed, I am comforted by two thoughts. Johnna was not afraid of death. In fact, she talked about possibly moving to Oregon for their assisted suicide laws. The second comforting thought, is that she is no longer experiencing the kind of pain that made her life so difficult. It is hard knowing that the world has lost someone who was willing to fight against the system that threw people such as her aside, but I am happy to know she no longer needs to be in that fight for herself. May the realm in which she now resides be one where she does not feel pain, and is full of happiness.

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  8. So much love in that poignant tribute, Lisa! I am deeply touched by the closeness you share here with a person who has found her place in your heart. The video was beautiful and moving. Thank you for sharing this. Feel hugged, my friend 💖

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  9. I’m grateful she’s free and not in pain anymore, I miss her comments, her fire, her pictures. It was a….moment (words fail me) when I posted for the first time and she didn’t like or comment. I’m going to miss her so much. I’m struggling with the 5 weeks. She posted for the last time on January 23 and we heard of her passing on March 2. I just…hope she knows she wasn’t alone. We’re definitely going to feel her absence.

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  10. The thing I loved the most about this lady … is she was Real.
    She challenged Me continuously; she made Me laugh and she made Me cringe.
    I miss her.

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  11. Her family is surprised to learn of her blog. We are reading and re-reading every day. We are incredibly thankful to learn of all her supportive friends on this blog.
    Johnna’s mom

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  12. Thank you so much for sharing it on your blog and Facebook. I’m glad I found your comment in my spam folder. She’ll be missed by many people.


  13. What a wonderful tribute to pay to Johnna as she was a beautiful woman inside and out. I never had the chance to meet her, but I always read and reblogged her postings. We spoke through blogging only and one can’t help, but to cry on her sisters beautiful memorial. She is resting without pain and flying with the angels in the sky. I reblogged it and posted her tribute on Facebook for all her fellow warriors to know what a great, wonderful and beautiful woman she was. Johnna’s artwork was beautiful, but not as beautiful as she was. The poem above speaks 10,000 more words than I could ever do at this moment. R.I.P Johnna Stahl you will never be forgotten and did so much for everyone without a second thought.

    Sherry Sherman

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  14. Very well said, Kara. I wouldn’t say she ever pissed me off but we agreed to disagree sometimes and that was perfectly fine. She was like no other person I’ve ever met in my life.

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  15. I have a confession to make – I was only 30 seconds into the video and had to hit pause. Her passing affected me in a way I haven’t felt in years. I miss her every day, yet I feel extremely blessed to have had her as part of my chosen family. Her encouragement kept me going in some of my darkest moments along with her ability to make me laugh when I didn’t think it was possible to laugh. She was a fiery force, yet kind-hearted. Also, I believe if she didn’t piss you off at least once, you didn’t know the undiluted version of Johnna (or she just liked to get me going!). 😀

    “Across the Universe is one of my favorite movies, even though I don’t like musicals. And the guy who plays Joe Anderson is a fox. (An old lady’s term for hunk.)” -Johnna

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  16. Johnna was always there for me. She put away her pain and was just completely there for me when I needed a friend. I wish I could have done as much for her as she did for me. I miss her, but I understand. This tribute is beautiful. All my love to Johnna, wherever she is now.

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  17. I love the video. I’m torn between being incredibly sad to know I will never in this life have another sage, sarcastic comment marked by her planet avatar, and being incredibly happy that she’s free from the agony that this life dumped on her.

    I hope she can feel the incredible love that’s rising up from the many hearts she touched during her life.

    And I sure hope she’s enjoying a better deal now!

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  18. A beautiful tribute to a wonderful lady. She will be missed by many. RIP Johnna.

    I’d like the memory of me
    to be a happy one,
    I’d like to leave an afterglow
    Of smiles when life is done.
    I’d like to leave an echo
    whispering softly down the
    Of happy times and laughing
    times and bright and sunny
    I’d like the tears of those who
    grieve, to dry before the sun
    Of happy memories that I
    When life is done.


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