Please Vote for My Blog Part 2 (Final Round)

What's Up BadgeHi everyone! First of all, I want to thank each and everyone of you who voted for my blog last time! Your vote helped my blog advance as a top 10 finalist in What’s Up Weekly’s Best of the Best Local Legends contest. Voting is open from now until Sunday. I’d appreciate it if you could vote for me (Lisa Amaya) and Life of an El Paso Woman ONE more time! 🙂 Me and my blog are listed under the Best Local Blogger/Social Media Publisher category. If you click here, you’ll be able to vote. You’ll need to answer a couple of questions and an e-mail address. If you voted last time, the website asks for your e-mail address and password. Please feel free to spread the word on social media and/or WordPress! Thank you!


  1. It’s the one where Rose is going for an award that one woman always wins every year. In this episode the woman has died and Rose is convinced that she has no competition. Then everyone but Sophia comes down with the Flu.

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  2. Done. Good luck. By the way, they don’t ask for a password. They merely send an email that asks you to click to confirm your email address. Great way to avoid duplicate voting.

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