Is this War?

I didn’t really want to post anything about the U.S./Syria missile attack that happened today but… I’ve been thinking about it a lot in the last hour or two. The topic is all over social media. I’ve been reading stories from local and national media sources. I’ve also been reading people’s comments on social media regarding the situation. MSN says two U.S. warships fired 59 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian airfield today. There’s no word if there are any casualties. When Trump became president in November, me and my boyfriend had a feeling we’d most likely go to war with North Korea or another country. Syria allegedly used banned chemical weapons that killed at least 100 people. Who really knows where Russia stands? It’s not like I really trust either (Trump or Putin) one of them. I wish I could say this was all a nightmare I could wake up from. It sort of seems like history is repeating itself in terms of previous wars. What are your thoughts? Do you think this is the beginning of World War III? Do you think Syria and Russia will just take it as a warning from the U.S.? There’s so many things I wonder about!


  1. Very true, Fabiola. I also wonder what Russia’s agenda is. I was watching the UN meeting on Friday and the Russia ambassador was very upset. The U.S. rep. was also upset. Only time will tell…

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  2. What worries me is it seems like Trump made the decision to fire missiles on a whim, without giving it too much thought. Barely a week before, he claimed the Syrian war wasn’t high on his list of priorities, and then a few days later decided he had to do something about it. However, these sort of acts carries far-reaching consequences which I’m pretty sure Trump didn’t even consider. Who knows what he’ll decide to do next week or next month?

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  3. I doubt that Trump really made the decision about this (not that I am in favor of him). In this case, the missiles took out planes at an airbase that our intelligence thought dropped the gas. Given what happened that seems like a reasonable response but it should have been a group decision.

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  4. Yes. I don’t trust Trump or even Russia. I hope you’re right about his cabinet members advising him. I think he’s wanted war all along but he can’t just declare it himself. Unbelievable people actually voted for him.


  5. Lisa, this is worrisome as I do not have confidence in the judgment of our leader. He acts in haste and without a plan or conviction can be easily swayed to act. I do have more confidence in some of his cabinet picks – Mattis, Kelly and McMaster, so hopefully they can advise him and he will listen. This is a tough situation as what Bashar al-Assad did is a war crime. While Obama has done many good things, handling Syria was not one of them, so the world is left with a mess. Was this a correct response? Maybe, but I would have wanted us to be darn sure it was and exhausted other options. We should not act to make us feel good that we did something. The concern is what happens next. Keith

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  6. I think Trump needs to hand his job over to someone more qualified. That person is Far from Pence. Whomever ordered the attack and carried it out, there services, excuse me, their hate is no longer needed by the people of the US. Furthermore, only god knows if its a war or not, lets pray no one got hurt.

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  7. Since I’m Israeli, I keep track of the local news! I’m afraid we’re in for trouble.

    One of the first thing one notices, when living in the Middle East, is that there is a pyramid of power that goes like this:


    The idea of Russia doing anything sincere against Iran/Syria/Lebanon is difficult to imagine, since all of the above counties/entities are controlled by Russia.

    We even got hundreds of thousands of gifts from Russia, during the Lebanon wars, and before, and after those wars.

    Those were the Katyusha rockets that rained down on us for decades. Our FSU (Former Soviet Union) refugees read the Russian inscriptions left on shrapnel fragments like love letters.

    This century, our presents from Russia with love have been upgraded to the 120 cm Grad missiles, which can reach all the way from Gaza to Tel Aviv and nearly to our Capital, Jerusalem. They are shipped to Gaza from Iran (the Iranians write “death to the Jews” on the inside of the missile casings, in Farsi, alongside the Russian trademark), via the Suez Canal (Egypt, with whom we have diplomatic relations (?)), through the tunnels under the Gaza-Egypt border, and ate delivered to us by air mail.

    So by the signatures on the gift cards, we get an idea of who is in bed with who. And now you know too.

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  8. Probably. I can’t believe some people say he did the right thing. He didn’t do it for them, he did it for the money like you say. He’s wanted to beef up the military by cutting PBS, Meals on Wheels, etc.


  9. And they got the weapons from us after we gave them to Iraq. America is such a hypocrit. War is money and “we” manipulate everything to be the baddest gun in town. Trump probably had an orgasm and wet his pants sending those tomahawks over there. otherwise – how are you?

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