Song Challenge Day 2

Hi everyone! A thank you goes out to fellow blogger and friend, Rob Goldstein for nominating me for this fun challenge. The rules are:

Post a song a day for five consecutive days.

Post what the lyrics mean to you.  (Optional)

Post the name of the song and video.

Nominate 1 or 2 bloggers each day of the challenge.

My pick for today is…Pink Floyd. Pink Floyd is one of my all-time favorite bands. I began liking their music in the early 90’s. I always enjoyed watching “The Wall” on VH1 whenever possible. I know it’s a weird movie but I couldn’t help myself. Lol. I’ve always thought their lyrics and music are interesting and thought provoking. Today’s pick is their timeless classic “Wish You Were Here” from 1975. It’s almost one month since I was notified of our dear blogging friend, Johnna Stahl’s death. Johnna became one of my best friends after two years. I still think about her a lot. Sometimes I want to write her an e-mail or leave a comment in her blog. I guess I could even though I know I won’t get a response. Johnna gave me some of the best advice about life and relationships. She was there for me when I had personal problems and lost my job. She was there to make me laugh all of the time. “Wish You Were Here” reminds me of her. You never really know how hard it is to lose someone important until it actually happens. I’m not sure if this kind of pain ever goes away.

Today I nominate Jeff to take part in this challenge. Check out/follow his music blog if you aren’t already. Jeff features a lot of good bands you probably haven’t heard of (not yet anyway!). He also includes the Top 20 songs of the week. Have a great day, everyone.


  1. Loved this article! Very well done.
    I’m an alternative music blogger and fairly new at it. My latest post is about Royal Blood – a heavy alt rock two piece band from England and they’re taking the rock scene by storm. Jimmy Page approves of this band and they have also opened for Foo Fighters. Their music composes of heavy manic riffs, nothing like you have ever heard before. Do check it out, and my other articles and feel free to share your inputs!


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