Easter Sunday in El Paso


Hi everyone and Happy Easter/Passover! Today I’m reposting part of a blog post I did in 2015. I wanted to tell you a little bit about some of my family’s Easter traditions. Making cascarones or confetti filled eggs is one of my family’s traditions. Me and my son usually take part in this every year. If we don’t make cascarones, we only dye hard-boiled eggs with an egg coloring kit and vinegar. We sometimes attend Easter egg hunts at nearby parks. My son also gets an Easter basket with toys and candy. Do you have any Easter Sunday/Passover traditions? If so, please feel free to share them in the comments. Have a great holiday, everyone!

Back in the 80’s and 90’s, me, my mom and sister used food coloring or an egg dye kit to color hard boiled eggs and cascarones. Cascarones are empty egg shells filled with confetti. They usually sell the confetti filled eggs at stores like Walgreens and/or Walmart nowadays.


We’d dip the eggs/egg shells into blue, yellow, red, green, pink, orange, purple and yellow dyes. After the eggs dried upside down, we added the confetti into the egg shells. We then glued a tiny slab of tissue paper around the small opening of the egg so the confetti wouldn’t fall out.  Besides painting the eggs, the fun part was having an adult hide the eggs around the front and back yard! As the eggs were found, BAM! Everyone usually had a confetti filled egg broken on top of their head. Having a confetti filled egg broken on your head is supposed to be a sign of good luck. Confetti would sometimes take days or months to get rid of in the yards. The happiness and excitement everyone felt made it all worthwhile. I included a YouTube video of the cascarones tradition below. Food blogger Yvette Marquez Sharpnack from the Muy Bueno Cookbook blog was born and raised in El Paso. She currently resides in Colorado. I interviewed her in my blog back in November 2015. You can check out the interview here. 

Another tradition growing up was wearing pretty dresses and shoes to church. Opening up candy and toy filled Easter baskets in the morning was also fun. I always liked cherry and watermelon jelly beans, along with chocolate, marshmallow filled bunnies. In recent years, my new favorite jelly bean is Jelly Belly’s buttered popcorn flavor. Black jelly beans and overly sweet marshmallow Peeps are still a NO for me.

In recent years, I’ve come to realize holidays are for kids and those who are very young at heart. I continue to celebrate them for my son because of the happiness it brings him…just like my parents and other relatives did for me.

Photos from Pinterest


  1. I always LOVE reading about your cultural and family traditions.. I’ve never heard of cascarones, but I’m not sure why, because they are such a fun Easter craft! Next year I may have to start this tradition in our house!

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  2. This is a very cheerful tradition. We also paint eggs and hide them in the yard. But we do not make the cascarones. Next year, we with children will also make cascarones. Children like it.

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  3. Hi Phil! It started in Mexico in the mid 1800’s. It’s a Mexican/Hispanic tradition here in Texas. I’m pretty sure it happens in other states, especially with larger Hispanic populations.

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  4. I think they would love it, Jim. It might leave your backyard messy for a bit but the memories are priceless. Happy Easter! πŸ‡πŸ£πŸ’


  5. what a great tradition! I’ve never heard of this but it looks like fun. I could use my shredder to make a tone of confetti for the girls.

    Happy Easter Lisa!

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  6. That sounds like fun! Boss Baby is pretty cute and funny. I’m going to my Grandma’s house. She’s making brisket, some salads, rice, beans, etc. We’re going to have an egg hunt for my son. I’m going with my boyfriend later on. I’m sure we’ll eat some more. Lol.

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  7. Aww. Do you hide eggs or the baskets? Both? I got my son and boyfriend a basket. I had a really hard time finding the cascarones this year! I finally bought some from a lady on Facebook. We painted a few and hard boiled eggs yesterday.

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  8. Those are lovely traditions. I love the Cascarones! Yes, I think those holidays are for the kids and when we enjoyed it as a kid we will take the joy of it into adulthood even though we don’t celebrate it the same way anymore. But the magic stays! I used to color eggs with my kids when they were little and until today they get baskets and I hide them. We all enjoy that a lot!

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