A Little Update on Things


Hi everyone! I hope all is well for you! I wanted to update you on what’s going on in life right now. I recently started a new job so I haven’t been around as much as I’d like. Things have been really hectic lately! There’s been days where I came home from training and fell asleep at 4 p.m. I’d eventually wake up a few hours later and quickly end up falling asleep again! My training lasted two weeks. I’m starting the actual job on Monday. With lunch included, I’ll be working 10-hour shifts throughout May. May is one of the company’s busiest months because of Mother’s Day and the graduation season. I’m glad I’ll have quite a bit of overtime. Oh yeah, I didn’t tell you what I’d be doing.

I’ll be taking phone orders for customers who want to purchase customized chocolate. I’ll just say it’s for a big chocolate company 🙂 I’m already getting cool gifts and discounts so far! I really enjoy the company and people I work with. I’m still learning the computer system we use. It requires a lot of steps so I’m still getting the hang of it. Me and my blog will still be around but…I might not blog as much as I’d like to for right now. I have a few things lined up for you this week. I’ll still be participating in Romantic Tuesday every week. Besides Romantic Tuesday, I will try to blog as much as I can. How have you been? What’s new in your life? Take care everyone and I’ll see you soon!

P.S. I want to say thank you to each and everyone of you who follows me! My blog recently hit 1,400 WordPress followers! I hope to see you all at our blogging event, Blogapalooza this August in Chicago. For more info., check out this blog post here.  

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45 thoughts on “A Little Update on Things

  1. Thank you Mack! ❤ We’re still trying to get pregnant! Lol. Even though I took a five-year break from writing, it’s my passion. I’m looking for a job with it but it’s pretty hard. Thank Goodness I have one gig 🙂

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  2. Good for you!!!!!! I think it’s one of the most challenging things we face (to find a job we love). Yours will come in due time (as with that little babe ❤ ). I send big hugs! And I am still praying for you always!

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  3. Lisa!!!! I was totally hoping that you would have a life update here 🙂 YAYYY- congrats for the new job. It sounds like an absolute blast! I can’t wait to hear how it continues to go!!! This is so exciting

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  4. Lol no. I was just on the phone taking orders. The trainer got upset with me and the customers were upset over their their orders. She wanted me to sit next to her the whole time so she could listen to the calls. She told me to go to lunch and I didn’t go back. Lol.


  5. Lol. I quit that job yesterday. It was just a bad situation. The job wasn’t what I expected so I left. I’m still going to do freelance work. Also, I’ll have more time to blog.

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  6. Chicago gets even more interesting that way… lol!!
    No, worries, I am find. It did not happen from one day to another. But after such a long relationship it takes time to realize how important things changed and then have the courage to face the truth. It is only a separation for now and we go from there.
    I admire you for that one-day-at-a-time attitude. I wish I could do that. Instead I am planning weeks ahead when I know things get busy in order to have less additional work during the busy time. That actually results in more business berfore due to the preparations… lol!

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  7. If I’m still there, I’ll take some candy to Chicago. Lol. Oh no! I’m so sorry about the move and separation. Those things are so hard to go through. I don’t know how you do it all! I’m not a great multi-tasker. 🙂 I just take it each day as it comes.

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  8. I know, it is hard to get into it… all so new and unfamiliar. I remember that feeling of running away again at times too when I started last year. But who can resist the call of chocolate… lol! It will all work out. In a few weeks from today all will be completely routine.
    So lovely of you, Lisa! I really appreciate it so very much.
    All is well so far. Just crazy busy here too. One reason is that this weekend the big move happened. My husband and I got separated and so there was a lot to organize and prepare in advance but there is also so much (various things) coming up over the following weeks… sometimes I am having a hard time to keep up with my blog. But I am doing my best. So, I totally get you, Lisa!

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  9. Hi Erika! Happy Sunday! The system still scares me I like the company and people. I love chocolate too! Sometimes I just want to leave but then I think about the chocolate! Lol. How can I not participate in Romantic Tuesday?? 🤔😃 Hope all is well for you! ❤❤

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  10. I can imagine how challenging it is to get worked into a completely new field within a very short time and I understand you being done at the end of the day. But I feel your excitement and happiness about your new job and everything around. I am so happy for you! Take your time, Lisa but I appreciate it so very much that you still participate in Romantic Tuesday😊💖Happy Sunday💖💖


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