#RomanticTuesday 5-9-17


Hi everyone and Happy Romantic Tuesday! I hope your week is off to a great start! I’m a little bit under the weather but I’ll be OK 🙂 I’ve also been working on a couple of freelance projects. For today’s Romantic Tuesday post, I’m taking you back to 1990. I can’t believe I was 9 years old when “Sensitivity” was released. I’m still listening to it in 2017! It’s still being played on the old school radio station here pretty often! My blogging buddy, Tracy mentions singer Ralph Tresvant in his blog sometimes. Feel free to check out Tracy’s Tresvant and New Edition posts. Do you remember what you were doing in 1990? I was riding bikes with my friends and disliking 4th grade. Anyway…

Tresvant was the lead singer of the 80’s-90’s R&B/pop group, New Edition. In order to pursue a solo career, he left the band in 1990. His self-titled album includes “Sensitivity.” Tresvant’s solo album was a success. It was certified platinum and appeared at the top of the R&B music charts for two weeks. Wikipedia says “Sensitivity” was even featured on the video game, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in 2004. I’m not much of a video gamer but…I actually enjoyed playing it,  especially the San Andreas version. I always liked the different types of music in the game. Have you heard this song before? What do you think of it? I enjoy Tresvant’s smooth and romantic voice. Have a great day, everyone and I’ll see you soon! 


  1. LOL. Nope, no baby making practice! He’s at school right now. Ugh I wanted to choke Bobby Brown SO bad! He was terrible! I knew he was but damn! He really got on my nerves.

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  2. LOL!!!! I was hoping it wasn’t making the baby thing! LOL!!!! TMI! LOL!!!!
    But I’m glad you liked it! They had that choreography down pat!

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