Crossing Over to Juarez, Mexico

20170604_230625 This is seen at the end of the Cordova Bridge.

Hi everyone! I hope your week is starting off great! I’m sorry I haven’t been writing in the blog as much in the last couple of weeks. I’ve been doing a lot of freelance projects and looking for a full-time job. My son just got out of school on Friday. My baby is officially a sixth grader! Seriously, where does the time go? I’m still going to be blogging but maybe not as much for the next few weeks. I still plan on doing Romantic Tuesday every week and other posts during the week. I’m going to try blogging at least 2-3, maybe 4 times a week if time permits. 

Walking/crossing over into Juarez through the Cordova Bridge. Can you believe some people actually get married on this bridge or another one? There’s three or four bridges to cross over in El Paso and Juarez.

If you follow me on social media, you might recall me talking about going to Mexico last week. Me and my boyfriend decided to go to Ciudad, Juarez last Tuesday. To be honest, I never thought I’d ever cross over to Mexico again. A lot of my friends and family go shopping or to the doctor or dentist in Juarez. People I know live in Juarez but come and work in the U.S. Juarez is 45 minutes away from me. In recent years, there was a lot of violence towards women and the drug cartel issues. You still hear about it going on in the news but not as much as it was some years back. I decided to start seeing a doctor over there. Healthcare over there is SO much less expensive than the U.S. An average doctor’s appointment for me here in the U.S. is $200. In Mexico, it’s $40. Going to the dentist is also a lot less than here. Although we didn’t go shopping or eat there, we plan on doing so another time. Juarez has changed SO much since the last time I was there. I hadn’t been to Juarez in about 13 years. I have many memories of partying, shopping and eating with my friends and family. I hope I can start making more memories in Juarez. Here’s a few photos we took crossing over the Cordova Bridge and in the taxi. We don’t really know our way around so we cross the bridge walking and take a taxi to the doctor. More photos and adventures in Juarez to come in the near future! 🙂 P.S. U.S. Customs requires your drivers license and sometimes your birth certificate to cross back into the U.S.      

Part of Juarez’s X from our Taxi window. Juarez has their yearly feria (fair) and concerts here. 



  1. Much of my extended family is, the rest of us have moved to Houston, with a relative or 2 in San Antonio. – It has been so long since I visited Laredo. I remember it only had 1 Walmart at the time and not much else. 🙂 I imagine much has changed in the last decade or so!

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  2. I think it just varies on the day and time. We came back on a Tuesday evening and it was just us and a person in front of us. I think it gets more crowded on the weekend. Maybe you could visit Mexico sometime for fun! Are you still in Laredo?


  3. Yes! This is the bridge close to the zoo, Chamizal Memorial. The Chamizal Memorial is pretty nice inside. They have art, etc. They also host the Music Under the Stars concert series on Sundays. Maybe you and your family can check it out sometime. Hopefully you all can visit Juarez sometime too. Just be sure to take your drivers license or ID. A birth certificate is good to also take. They ask for it sometimes. You don’t really need a passport anymore. If you have it, it’s ok to take it.

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  4. Does it take a long time to get in and out of Juarez? – Like a long line to have documents checked and such? – I have only been across the border into the “motherland” once myself, my family hails from Laredo, Tx and as a child (maybe 6 or 7 yrs old) visiting relatives we crossed over. – My only memory is giving a child younger than me the pocket change I had as she and her family were posted up taking whatever scraps they could. I deal with all parts of Mexico on a regular basis via the internet for work, but it still seems a mystery to me. Seems like it could be safe as those that I deal with are the soul of courtesy, then you hear a horror story or 2 that same day and I wonder how safe things are really on the ground there for a woman outsider. – Keep up the Juarez pictures and stories, I will be looking forward to them 🙂

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  5. This is awesome! I think, we have seen the International bridge road a few times when we were going to the El Paso Zoo. The view of Juarez from some parts of I-10 is so exciting. We haven’t been to Juarez. May be someday we will visit. Thank you for the post and sharing the photos.

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  6. Yes! A lot of things over there are less expensive than here. It was pretty safe. I guess just some parts are bad sometimes. It was scary for a few years though. Women were getting raped and killed. The drug cartels were at war.

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  7. Wow, it really makes sense to head over to Mexico when being so close to the border. Like over here shopping and also dentists are much more affordable in Austria (10 minutes to the border)!

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