El Paso’s Downtown StreetFest

Live street art!


Hi everyone! I hope all is well for you! I’m happy to be back with you all! I start a new job next Monday (July 3). I don’t have a Romantic Tuesday post for you today! I’ll have one for you next week. During my break, I attended the El Paso Downtown StreetFest (street festival) on Friday and Saturday. I had the chance to catch up with friends, check out live street art, a huge car show, fireworks and local and national bands. Hot temperatures and rain didn’t stop thousands from attending. Friday’s temperature was 111! It rained very hard on Saturday evening! This year’s headliners were Papa Roach and Alice Cooper. Both acts put on a great show. Here’s a few photos I took, along with some YouTube videos. My crowd photos are pretty bad so I’m not including those! How are you doing? What’s new in your life? Talk to you soon, everyone! I’ll be back with another post in the next few days.     

Day 1

Besides the headliner, (Papa Roach) I checked out the local bands Frontera Bugalu and Windy City. Frontera Bugalu has a unique Latino sound to them. Kiko Rodriguez, the band’s founder sings and plays the accordion throughout their set. I included a YouTube video of them. What do you think? Windy City is a tribute band dedicated to playing Chicago songs. They sounded pretty good. Before Papa Roach, the rock bands In This Moment and Starset performed. I didn’t get to see them. Papa Roach performed hits like “She Loves Me Not” and “Help.”

Day 2

I didn’t really check out any local bands. I was more interested in seeing the fireworks and Alice Cooper. He sang lots of hits including “No More Mr. Nice Guy”, “Poison” and “School’s Out.” Before Alice Cooper, I watched some of 90’s rock band Jackyl’s performance. They weren’t too bad! The lead singer interacted with the audience a lot. Before Jackyl, Dokken played. Day 2 was mostly spent catching up with friends. It was raining hard throughout most of Alice Cooper’s set! Some people left but a lot stayed.


Cars! About 200 of them!


  1. I am doing great, thank you, Lisa! So, enjoy the cool… lol!
    On a different note, could you perhaps do a post with all the peeps who join the Blogger Meeting? Perhaps it inspires others to join in! I don’t mean posting right away but I think it would make sense!

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  2. Erika! I hope you’re having a nice break. I had to go a little bit later to the festival that day because the heat was unbearable. It cooled down a little to the 90’s this week. Lol.

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